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43) F. C. Sturtevant’s Columbia Veterinary Remedies Tin Front Display Cabinet

Columbia Veterinary Remedies was the trade name for their veterinary medicines.  The company was located in Hartford, Connecticut and they are still in business today.  The story on this cabinet is similar to our first lot in this sale and comes from the same consigner.  In the 1980’s a small group of these tins, that were never put into cabinets, essentially New Old Stock (NOS), were found.  All were in mint or near mint condition.  I never heard an actual number of how many were found but, I’d guess around ten.  They were all quickly sold into collections.  I bought one in the mid 80’s at a shop in Vermont.  This tin was purchased by the consigner and put away.  It is in as close to mint condition as you will ever see with only a couple tiny nicks outside the black border line.  It still has the original shine overall.  The consigner figured that while he was having made a cabinet for the Dr. Daniels cabinet (#01), he should have a cabinet made for this tin as well.  29”x 22”x 18”.  I recorded an example in a modern cabinet selling in 2004 for $2500.  I sold my example, in a new cabinet for $2900 a few years ago.  Beautiful, unimprovable condition.