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43 Veterinary X-Zalia Wooden Crate

Wooden crate with slide lid and original paper shipping label from the X-Zalia Corporation of Boston.  12”x 5”x 3 ½”.  Strong advertising print on all four sides and the original lid.  Lid reads:  VETERINARY X-ZALIA / CONTAINS NO ALCOHOL / KEEP FROM FREEZING.  End panels read:  VETERINARY / X-ZALIA.  Side panels read:  VETERINARY X-ZALIA / A POSITIVE CURE FOR / SURFACE INFLAMMATIONS ON DOMESTIC ANIMALS.  I’ve sold two bottles of X-Zalia over the years and they are very large bottles.  This crate would have held only ONE BOTTLE.  The packing label is addressed to E. M. Sargent of South Lyndeboro, New Hampshire.  Excellent condition.