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45) Veterinary Dentistry Graduation Certificate, 1903

According to this framed, paper certificate. D. B. Morgan of Fayetteville, Arkansas taught a course in “HORSE DENTISTRY, SURGERY, GENERAL TRAINING OF THE HORSE, AND MORGAN’S TWELVE REMEDIES SYSTEMS FOR HORSES CATTLE AND DOGS.”  J. R. Marsh of Ash Grove, Missouri completed the full course of instruction on September 10, 1903.  There is no claim that Mr. Morgan is a graduate of any veterinary education.  Image size of the certificate is 8”x 6 ¼”.  I found a newspaper ad from 1909 stating that D. B. Morgan, veterinarian would be in Springdale, Arkansas “FOR ONE DAY ONLY” on June 6th.  Most likely a unique survivor of early “veterinary” training.