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46 Ulmer's Heave Powder Lithographed Sign

Large and colorful lithographed hanging sign advertising Ulmer’s Heave Powder manufactured by A. O. Tillinghast of West Valley, New York.  The powder was used for “COUGHS, COLDS, EPIZOOTIC, DISTEMPER, AND HEAVES.”  The sign retains the original metal hanging strips at the top and bottom and appears to be mounted to a blue cardboard backing.  It is currently framed in a very ornate, wooden frame with some type of plaster like compound carved in a leaf and flower pattern.  This frame is probably c1900 but does have damage to this compound covering the wooden frame.  The detailed illustration on the sign is of a large carriage with “four in hand” passing an automobile on a narrow, curving mountain road.  The lead horses are rearing from the noise and motion of the brass era car with the driver totally exposed and wearing a driving cap and goggles.  The carriage has a driver, five fancily dressed passengers and footman in a bright red tunic, holding a long trumpet type horn.  Brass era cars are generally considered to have been produced from 1896 to 1914 so I think we can easily date this sign in the middle, say c1900.  There is a lot going on in this illustration that you will not see with a quick glance.  Condition seems to be very good overall with bright colors. The only damage being some short scattered edge tears.  I believe that with professional conservation and re-framing this wonderful early sign would show to its full potential.  Easily a $2000-3000 dollar sign but it has to go to a new home, so start it at just $300 to get it going.