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#47) Humphreys’ Medium Veterinary Stable Case with Original Bottles

I am going to start the medicine section off with what may be one of the rarest medicine sets we have ever offered.  Among Humphreys’ Homeopathic Veterinary Medicines it is, without doubt, the rarest and possibly unique set we have ever seen or offered.  Let me review a little Humphreys’ information for you.  The Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York City sold their veterinary cures in three, embossed sized bottles, small, medium, and large.  The vast majority of these bottles were sold in a Stable Case set of ten different small size cures within a wooden case, usually with a treatment book, ointment jar, and a labeled glass dose dropper.  The company also sold these medicines individually, especially the small size bottles and to a much lesser extent, the large size examples.  Probably 90-95% of existing Humphreys’ veterinary medicine bottles are the small size examples.  For example, over the last 25 years we have sold over thirty small size cases most with bottles, one medium size with no bottles, and three large size cases, one with nine bottles.  We have sold nine large size individual bottles, three (3) medium size examples, and over 150 small size bottles.  Labels on the bottles changed over the years due to government regulation.  Early labels had the word CURE, later examples designated the amount of Alcohol starting at 52% and later 15%.  All of the medium size bottles we have sold, had labels with this later 15% alcohol disclaimer.    

Where is all this going, you ask. Our first lot, described in detail below is a set of nine (9) medium size labeled bottles, with the “CURE” designation in a stable case dated 1886 and with an ointment jar and a labeled glass dropper.  While not “perfect” and complete, it is most likely the only set of its kind in existence today.

Wooden stable case with inside paper label dated 1886 from the Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company.  Of the ten (10) embossed medium size bottles included in this case, eight have the label printed with “CURES” and appear to be original to this case.  The original labeled bottles are for medicines labeled as B.B., C. C., D. D., F. F., H. H., I. I., and J.K.  One additional medium bottle for medicine A. A. is of a different bottle style and has a slightly later label.  One bottle has a damaged, illegible label.  All bottles have identical embossing on the reverse.  This stable case also contains an embossed ointment jar and a beautifully labeled glass medicine dropper.  Probably the best labeled dropper I have ever seen.  The case is 13 ½”x 7”x 6”. It has the original handle and engraved plaque on the top.  It has the original lock but is missing the key.  It is hard to estimate the value of this rare set.  If the contents were sold separately, then $500-$800 would not be an unreasonable expectation.  However, this stable case and its contents will be sold without reserve, to the highest bidder.  Good Luck.  Many additional photos will be on the website and if you need additional information or photos, just let me know.  Hopefully, before the last day of bidding.