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09 Dr. Daniels Horse and Dog Medicines Calendar of 1909 with Three Horses

This is HUGE hanging lithographic calendar with a complete calendar pad from 1909.  It is 17”x 23” with the original metal hanging bars at the top and bottom.  It features three highly detailed horses peaking out from their stall.  That white horse is staring right at you.  The horse on the right has a wisp of hay hanging from his lips in a slightly comical addition.  A framed portrait of Dr. Daniels’ is hanging on the stall door.  This poster / calendar is my favorite Dr. Daniels’ image of all time.  The poster is currently in a very old frame with a non-acid free backing and needs to be reframed to really feel the power of this image.  I have not examined it out of the frame, but the condition looks to be excellent.  There is a horizontal crease near the top edge and a light line in the neck of the top horse.  There is a short, 1” tear in the right edge below the horse.  That is about it for a poster of this size that is 111 years old.   The color is exceptional and bright.  This is just one of several exceptional Dr. Daniels’ advertising pieces we offer.  I have recorded two previous examples of the poster, NONE with the original calendar pad.  2001 for $2150 and 2005 for $1400.  I would expect this example to easily top those results, but it is sold with no reserve.