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13 Wooden Display Cabinet Advertising Dr. Hoff’s Horse Salve

Wooden glass front cabinet with “DR HOFF’S / HORSE SALVE” etched into the reverse of the glass.  I am suspicious that this has been added to the glass recently.  The cabinet appears to be an older cabinet with lock and key but the interior shelf is placed with modern hardware.  I can find no listing on the internet for any Dr. Hoff veterinary product, much less a Horse Salve.  Cabinet is 16 ½”x 14 ½”x 7”.  Over the last ten or so years, we have seen a number of various sized, glass front cabinets appear with modern veterinary advertising etched into the glass.  It is well known to antique advertising dealers that these cabinets are showing up in auctions in the mid-west.  As such we are selling this piece without any guarantee of age and as a fantasy item.  Bid as you see fit.