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March 12, 2022
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01 Dr. A. C. Daniels’ “Three White Horses” Animal Medicines Tin Front Display Cabinet

We are starting this auction off with one of, arguably, the most desirable veterinary cabinet tins ever produced.  The central image is a copy of a famous painting by

J. F. Herring named Pharaoh’s Horses.  Here is bit of the painting’s history.  “Pharaoh’s Horses” by J.F. Herring, was first exhibited in 1848. It is a three head study of the grey Arabian stallion, Imaum, originally owned by Queen Victoria. She presented Imaum to her Clerk of the Royal Stables, who sold him to Tattersall’s and was purchased by the artist   J. F. Herring. He used Imaum as a model for many of his paintings, Herring kept him his whole life.”  

The tin is in excellent condition overall, especially the central image. There are nail holes in the four corners and the top middle of the tin.  This hardly distracts from the excellent condition of the tin overall.  The tin was purchased by the consigner as a loose tin.  No cabinet.  This tin was most likely nailed to the interior of a country store, as it is obvious that it was never exposed to the weather in an outside situation.  The consigner commissioned a cabinet maker to produce a cabinet in the manner of an original Dr. Daniels’ cabinet.  He did an amazing job with the style and finish for that old original country store look.  29”x 22”x 18”.  So, the bottom line is this is an original tin panel in a contemporary cabinet made to fit nicely with your other old cabinets.  As I have said in the past, when you are buying a veterinary cabinet, especially a rare one, you are really buying the tin and its graphic design.  It would have been nice to have an original cabinet, but I think the quality of this tin can stand alone. While original cabinets have sold in the past for over $7000, I do not expect the lack of an original cabinet to significantly decrease the final price.  Please contact me for any additional information or photos.

02 Dr. W. H. Berkemeyer, D.V.S. Wooden Trade Sign

Gold and black, painted wooden trade sign with a hammered, pebbled surface.  17”x 12”.  Sign has minor paint wear and mounting holes on the sides.  William Henry Berkemeyer graduated from New York University with his degree of Veterinary Surgeon in 1890.  He was nineteen years old.  The 1900 Census has him practicing as a Veterinary Surgeon in Palisades, New Jersey.  He is also listed with his wife, son, and daughter in the 1910 Census.  No family members are listed in the 1920 Census.  Beautiful, 120 year old trade sign, with a history.

03 Bickmore’s Gall Cure Porcelain Sign

Porcelain over metal strip sign from the Bickmore Gall Cure Company of Old Town, Maine.  26”x 3 ½”.  Typically, these were mounted on an outside store or barn wall.  Some minimal chipping around some of the mounting gromets.  The background color is a deep blue around the white lettering.  This is one of the few veterinary related porcelain signs produced by any company.  c1900.  Morford’s Advertising auctions sold an example in 2012 for a $425 hammer price.

04 Dr. Claris’ Liniment Label

Original, lithographed label from Dr. Claris of Buffalo, New York.  The multi-colored label has been double matted and framed.  I have not examined it out of the frame, but it appears to be in mint condition.  I have examined it with a loop and can attest that it is not a modern dot matrix copy.  8 ¾”x 11 ¾” with frame.  Ready to hang with your Dr. Claris cabinet and medicines.

05 Clayton’s Dog Remedies Window Card w/ St. Bernard

Cardboard window card advertising Dr. Clayton’s Dog Medicines from Chicago.  A Smooth Coated St. Bernard photo, Champion Dr. Lucas is centered in the card to attract customers into a store.  19”x 13 ½”.  Condition is excellent with just some minor corner wear.  Dog medicine advertising is scarce and I can’t remember seeing anything with a St. Bernard before.

06 Columbia Gall Cure Sign

Heavy cardboard sign from the F. C. Sturtevant Company of Hartford, CT.  This probably would have been placed in a store window to bring in customers for their horse medicines.  Image of the Gall Cure tin is in the center.  11”x 7”.  Condition is very good to excellent with just some light scattered foxing to the surface.  The red print is quite bold.  There is some old glue residue on the reverse.  This is the only example to ever surface.  First sold to the consigner in our March 1999 auction for a hammer price of $170.  Worth today?

07 Dr. Daniels’ Dog & Puppy Bread Advertising Hand Mirror

This is one of MY all-time favorite advertising give-away pieces.  Celluloid hand mirror advertising MEDICATED DOG & PUPPY BREAD. “THE DOG’S NATURAL FOOD.”  The condition of the celluloid in mint.  The colors and finish are as bright as it just came off the production line.  No upgrade will ever be required.  2 ¼” diameter.  I have recorded two examples sold at auction, the last bringing well over $1000.  I know of two others in collections, so let’s say this is the fifth example to turn up in veterinary hands.  There could well be a couple more in advertising mirror collections.  Sold without reserve.  You will determine the final value.

08 Dr. Daniels’ Advertising Hand Mirror

Celluloid hand mirror that was given away by Dr. Daniels’ to businesses that sold their medicines.  No doubt the Bundy Milling Company of Angola, New York, which is printed on the mirror sold Dr. Daniels’ remedies. The central image is of a young lady with her horse and dog.  Daniels’ advertising in engraved into the stone pillars of the gate.  2” diameter.  The celluloid is stained on the left edge.  Another nice Dr. Daniels’ give-away.

09 Dr. Daniels’ “Three White Horses” Tip Tray

Metal advertising tip tray with the central image of three white horses.  The outer edge is printed:  DR. A. C. DANIELS’ HORSE & CATTLE MEDICINES.  4” diameter.  The image does show significant wear while the outer printed rim is bold.  These trays, in excellent condition, bring several hundred dollars.  Here is a chance to acquire this scarce and desirable tray at a budget price.

10 Dr. Daniels’ Oster Cocus Nerve & Muscle Liniment Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden shipping crate for one dozen bottles.  Crate is branded on all four sides using bubble lettering.  Front and back as seen in photo.  One side reads:  THE GREAT / COUNTER IRRITANT / FOR / SORENESS AND PAIN.  The other side reads:  DR. DANIELS’ / OSTER COCUS / LINIMENT / FOR / LAMENESS / STIFFNESS / SWELLING / AND BUNCHES.  10”x 10”x 9 ½”.  No lid.  Strong stenciling on all sides.  It is rare to see any crate stenciled on all four sides. This auction has three examples.

11) Dr. Daniels’ Horse Renovator Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden crate that was used to ship one dozen packages of Horse Renovator.  Dr. Daniels’ Milk Street office address in Boston is on the end panel.  8 ¼”x 4 ½”x 8”.  Both end panels are branded as shown.  Additionally, both side panels are branded:  CONDITION POWDER FOR HORSES OR CATTLE.  Lid is present. Excellent condition.

12) Dr. Daniels’ Distemper Cure, Cough, Cold and Fever Drops Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden shipping crate for one dozen, small size bottles.  Stenciled on all four sides.  Retains the original slide lid which has an original grease pencil address to Miss O. L. Tander of Solomon, Maine.  Sides are stenciled:  DANIELS’ GREAT / DISTEMPER CIRE / EPIZOOTIC AND / PINKEYE / AND COUGH DROPS.  I’ve only recorded one previous example of this rare CURE crate and this may well be that same example.  Medicine examples with this CURE wording are rare indeed.

13) Dr. Daniels’ Wonder Worker Liniment Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden shipping crate for one dozen bottles.  Crate is branded on all four sides using bubble lettering.  Front and back as seen in photo.  Sides:  NATURE’S CURE / FOR / HARNESS GALLS / SCRATCHES / CUTS AND SORES.  The other side reads:  NATURE’S CURE / FOR / THRUSH / SORE SHOULDERS / AND WOUNDS.  8 ½”x 7 ½”x 9”.  It is rare to have different wording stenciled on the sides.  No lid.  Excellent condition.  This crate has an early company address at #1 Staniford Street.

14) Dr. Daniels’ Wooden Thermometer

Extremely rare wooden advertising thermometer from Dr. Daniels’ with the image of a little girl riding a horse at the top with the slogan, “BE GOOD TO ANIMALS.”  21”x 5”.  OK, condition is not the greatest with general flaking to the paint, but all the advertising is legible, if a few letters are missing here and there.  The thermometer itself is not working but these can be purchased off Amazon.  This is only the THIRD example I have ever seen.  I have auctioned two in the past. One is 2005 brought $625 and one in 2017 finished at $575.  Condition certainly effects value, so here is an opportunity for a rare Dr. Daniels’ thermometer at a potentially reduced price.

15)  Dr. Daniels’ Dog & Cat Remedies Advertising Dog

Life size, plaster Bulldog embossed with DR. DANIELS on the collar and DOG & CAT REMEDIES on the base.  18”x 8”x 11”.  This dog has a later repaint in a black and brown mottled motif.  The raised letters on the base are in red.  The repaint has not held up well over the years and has significant flaking, as you can see (many more photos on the web site).  There does not appear to be any real damage of repairs.  A few of these have survived over the years and most, if not all, have had their paint “refreshed.” These usually sell in the $500-1000 range.

16) Dr. Daniels’ Emergency Case with Medicines

Wooden emergency case with beautiful paper label on the inside of the lid, engraved Dr. Daniels’ handle on top, and all the latches and original lock.  There is no key.  The inside paper label is probably the nicest example I have ever seen with no damage and close to mint condition.  13”x 7”x 9 ½”.  This lot comes with a variety of Dr. Daniels’ medicines including boxes, bottles, and tins.  Nineteen (19) items included.  This case would make a great display in any collection.

17) Dr. Daniels’ Horse Colic Cure Sign

Framed, cardboard sign advertising Horse Colic Cure and featuring a large image of Dr. Daniels’.  The sign was printed as Dr. Daniels Press, Form 12 and was given to a store in Harrison Valley, Pennsylvania that sold his medicines.  24 ½”x 13” framed size.  The sign does have one complete vertical crease from behind the “C” in his name down to the “E” in Stone at the bottom.  Very hard to see without close examination, but it is there.  Nicely framed and ready to hang on the wall.  Great color and graphics really jump on this one.

18) Dr. Daniels’ Embossed Metal Sign c1960’s

Framed, metal sign the Dr. Daniels’ Company produced in the 1960’s.  It is a reproduction of a much earlier version produced by the company.  They also produced an even later version that added “CAT” to the sign.  The Original old signs have plain gray back.  The sign offered here has a shiny green back.  The total size in the nice wooden frame is 31”x 21”.  Excellent condition overall.

19) Dr. Daniels’ Window Card, “Post Mortems”

This previously unrecorded window card is a variation of the ‘Poker Playing Dogs’ series of paintings.  Three dogs are reviewing and discussing the poker game that has just ended, thus giving it a postmortem as the name implies.  Dr. Daniels’ used this name for a completely different meaning when it printed on the card:  NO POST-MORTEMS WHEN YOU USE / DR. DANIELS’ DOG MEDICINES.”  The printer used a sepia-toned format rather than full color, like most prints.  The print has a couple of creases in the lower right corner.  Currently in a custom wooden frame, ready to hang.  20”x 17” framed.

20) Dr. Daniels’ Window Card, “A Bold Bluff"

The St. Bernard attempted to pull off a “bold bluff”, betting with just a pair of two’s.  However, his bluff was doomed as the Bulldog was holding a pair of Aces.  Go Dawgs!  DON’T BE BLUFFED / USE DR. DANIELS FOR YOUR PETS.  The cardboard backing of this advertising Window Card shows water stains, mostly at the bottom.  The colorful print appears unaffected.  Currently in a custom wooden frame, ready to hang.  20”x 17” framed.

21) Dr. Daniels’ Collage of Medicine Package Inserts

A unique advertising item that was produced by a collector at some time.  Within this wooden frame is a collage of paper inserts, coupons, and pamphlets obtained from Dr. Daniels’ packages.  The total size is 26”x 9 ½”.  An unusual and unique way to display paper ephemera.

22) Fleming’s Veterinary Emergency Cabinet with Five (5) Medicines

Metal emergency cabinet for “FLEMING’S GUARANTEED LIVE STOCK REMEDIES.”  10”x 6”x 3 ½”.  Metal door is lithographed.  There is a spring loaded closure on the side and one interior shelf.  Cabinet was designed to be mounted on a wall.  Five medicines are included with the lot, all appropriate to the cabinet.  Heave Remedy, Blister Liquid, Fistula medicine, and two Colic medicines.  There is also a booklet in the appropriate slot on the door.  The door knob might not be original.  Condition is excellent overall with just minimal wear.

23) Foutz’s Horse & Cattle Powder Sign

Original painted wooden sign from the Foutz Company located in Baltimore, Maryland.  The company was started by two brothers as a dry goods store during the Civil War.  This folky, original sign probably dates to the 1880’s.  Great paint, great patina.  Modern hanging ring has been added at the top.  22 ½”x 7”.  Foutz advertising does show up infrequently.  We sold a great Foutz medicine poster a few years ago.  If you are a Mid-Atlantic collector this should be for you as few Baltimore veterinary pieces are known.

24) French’s Bird Seed and Bird Biscuit Wooden Shipping Crate

Dove-tailed wooden shipping crate for 48, 10 ounce packages.  Crate is branded on all four sides.  Produced by the R. T. French Company of Rochester, New York.  Robert and George French opened a flour mill in Rochester in 1884.  George developed the mustard we know today in 1904.  I’d say this crate is c1900.  All four sides have the same stenciling.  12”x 11”x 13”.  One side panel has had a large chip glued back into place.  Unknown to most collectors, French’s produced a large line of Bird related medicines and products.

25) International Stock Food Poster (No Number), Anderson’s Model

This is a small size ISF (International Stock Food) poster, 10”x 13 ½”.  Anderson’s Model sow is illustrated.  Between 1897 and 1905 she farrowed 148 pigs that sold for over $10,000.  Her and her pigs ate ISF every day.  The testimonial is dated 1907.  Nice margins and only a one 1” tear in the bottom margin and a horizontal central fold line.  Very strong colors on this poster and worth your consideration.

26) International Stock Food Poster #106, Quick Results Hog Tonic

This small format poster illustrates a White Yorkshire hog that gained 445 pound in 90 days of eating International Stock Food.  The company proclaimed it “THE GREAT ANIMAL TONIC.”  13 ½ x 9 ½” with good borders on all sides.  There is a ¼” tear from the right edge and a horizontal central fold line, otherwise it is clean and ready to frame.

27) International Stock Food Poster #115, Hog Tonic

This small format poster illustrates two hogs that weighted in at 496 pounds at nine months of age by eating ISF.  13 ½ x 9 ½” with good borders on all sides.  The border illustration is comprised of ears of corn.  Other than a central fold line, there is no other damage.  You have to go all the way back to the year 2000 to find the only other example of this scarce poster that I have recorded.  Did I mention the intense red color.

28) International Stock Food Company’s Honey Tar Foot Remedy Poster

Beautiful, full size poster with the graphic illustration of the “Evil Farrier” cutting the poor white horse’s leg in an attempt to cure some ailment.  The look of horror on the horse’s face tells the story.  As the poster suggests, any ailment of the horse’s leg could be easily cured by using Honey Tar Foot Remedy.  Images of the Honey Tar tin are in the four corners.  The border is a composite of 44 different horseshoes used by farriers. Great color and graphics make this one of the best ISF medicine related posters.  Triple matted and framed.  Probably a $500+ frame job in my experience.  After very close examination, in the frame, the poster looks to be undamaged.  Image size is 18 ½”x 25”.  Total size is 27”x 33 ½”.  Shipping, as is, could be an issue.  Prefer pick up or personal delivery if possible.

29) International Stock Food Poster #48, Two Cowboys on Horseback

This is a large format poster, 28” x 21” image size that is currently beautifully framed and matted.  Two cowboys are riding prancing horses as they carry a very long banner reading “INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD.”  The banner is over the central image of a huge bucket of ISF Food.  The four corners of the poster have circular images of a horse, cow, sheep, and hog.  The background is filled with a colorful and vibrant pastoral scene with many farm animals grazing.  The ISF promotional caption at the bottom reads: “ONE TON WILL MAKE YOU $360 IN NET PROFITS.”  The poster has amazing overall color that looks like it just rolled off the press.  The red color is very vibrant and intense.  Old fold lines can be seen, there are two short tears from the bottom edge, and there is a short tear and a tiny paper loss in the ram image at bottom right.  That’s it.  Overall, the graphic appeal and the outstanding color overwhelm these small flaws.  Western themed ISF posters are scarce.   This is the second example we have offered.  The first example sold in 2017 for a hammer price of $1400.  That example was unframed.  This one is ready to hang with no additional framing costs.

30) International Stock Food Poster #51, “It Will Make Your Sows Raise More Pigs”

This is the second recorded offering of this large format poster showing a farmer feeding his pigs from a bucket of International Stock Food (ISF).  He is holding some type of wooden Billy Club.  Horses and cows can be seen in the background.  The poster is very colorful and bright and has a great farm scene with many animals.  The testimonial that was the impetus for this poster was from a farmer who’s three sows raised 52 piglets, all while eating ISF every day.  28”x 21”.  The condition flaws are limited to old fold lines, some margin tears.  A few areas where the folds intersected have been supported on the reverse with archival tape.  It has wide margins, great color, interesting imagery, large size, and scarcity that make this an above average poster.

31) Kreso Dip #1, Sheep Parasites Sign

Framed sign from the Parke, Davis Company of Detroit, Michigan.  Makers of Kreso Dip for livestock.  This paper sign is nicely framed.  No damage but there are some old fold lines evident on close examination.  25 ½”x 13” overall.  Very rarely do you see veterinary advertising aimed at sheep herders.  Great color and EXTREMELY graphic.  Ready to hang.

32) Dr. LeGear Poultry Powder Mirror

Extremely rare celluloid hand mirror from Dr. LeGear when he was still in Austin, Texas.  Dr. LeGear started making his veterinary remedies in Austin, Texas in the 1890’s.  He started a second factory in St. Louis and eventually moved his entire operation there by 1905. So, the production of this mirror predates that 1905 move.       2 ¼” diameter.  Condition is excellent with very good color.  The only damage is a small cut to the celluloid just above the tail of the hen on the right.  This is the first example I have ever auctioned but I have seen two others in collections.  I recorded an example off eBay in 2012 that sold for $430.  Another great veterinary hand mirror available in this auction.

33) Dr. LeGear’s Traveling Salesman’s Display Kit

Suitcase size traveling display kit used for the promotion and selling of Dr. LeGear’s medicines.  20”x 11”x 7”.  The interior has two compartments in the lid for paperwork and order forms.  The bottom section has ten delineated sections for the placement of medicine bottles and canisters.  Included in the kit are five (5) mock-ups of Dr. LeGear‘s medicine boxes.  These are 6 ½” tall fake boxes to show a potential customer what the product packaging will look like.  Those are:  HOG PRESCRIPTION, COW PRESCRIPTION, STOCK POWDER, POULTRY PRESCRIPTION, AND POULTRY ASCARID WORM POWDER.  Also included is a small cardboard sign for Garden Insecticide.  Several pamphlets and salesmen’s paperwork are included also.  Most of these paper items are dated 1939.  While no medicines are included, it would be fairly easy and inexpensive to procure bottled and canister examples to fill out this case to the original display condition.  The outstanding part is the survival of these wonderful box mock-ups which helps tell the story of a patent medicine salesmen’s sales technique.  Possibly, a one of a kind opportunity.  What a great display this would make.

34)  K9 Candy Dog Tonic Playing Cards

Complete deck of 52 playing cards plus the joker advertising K9 Candy, the Succulent Dog Tonic.  “THE WRAPPED IODISED TONIC THAT DOGS BEG FOR.”  3 ½”x 2 ¼”.  Looks like five buff colored Cocker Spaniels on each card.  No company name or location is indicated on the cards.  Rare dog medicine advertising give-away.

35) Dr. Lesure’s Fever Drops Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden shipping crate for one dozen Dr. Lesure’s Veterinary Fever Drops bottles.   Stenciled on one panel only.  No lid.  Stencil is extremely strong.  7 ½”x 6 ½”x 6”.  Makes a great addition to any shelf display.

36)  Dr. Lesure’s Glass Front Display Cabinet

All original, first generation country store display cabinet for Dr. Lesure’s Veterinary Remedies for Horses.  The pediment with all original stenciling is as bold as I have ever seen.  Cabinet also retains its original lock and key.  29”x 16”x 6”.  The interior has three shelves for displaying your Dr. Lesure cabinet.  What better way than in an original format.  Previous sales of similar examples suggest this should end in the $1000 range.  This wonderful example must go so it is sold today without reserve.

37) Morrison’s English Veterinary Remedies Glass Front Display Cabinet

This cabinet was for the sales of veterinary remedies produced by the James Foster Company of Bath, New Hampshire, NOT for English or British remedies as the stenciling might imply.  21”x 13”x 7”.  It is a very small, usable size that fits just about anywhere.  Cabinet has two interior shelves and the original hook and eye closure on the side.  The stenciling on the door is very strong.  The glass has been replaced and probably the back panel.  Morrison’s Veterinary Remedies do turn up from time to time as we have sold many over the years.  Excellent condition, ready to go to a new home.

38) Perfection Dog Food Calendar, 1935

Another example of a company using the poker playing dogs in their advertising.  This calendar, dated 1935 is from the Perfection Food Company of Battle Creek, Michigan.  20”x 16”.  It has the original metal hanging strips at the top and bottom along with the original FULL calendar pad.  The poker game is broken up by the police while the unlucky player has four Aces, thus the caption, “Pinched with Four Aces.”  There is one small punch in the right border, otherwise excellent condition.  Currently shrink wrapped.

39) Pratt’s Dog Food Poster

This poster is from the Pratt’s Food Company of Philadelphia.  The terrier is chained to his dog house and is trying his best to get to the open bag of Pratt’s Dog Food before the Dachshund eats it all.  That’s why the poster reads:  PULLING HARD FOR PRATT’S DOG FOOD.”  22 ½”x 29” overall with frame.  Great color, no damage and beautifully matted and framed.  Ready to hang with no additional framing costs.  


40) Pratt’s Animal and Poultry Regulators, Indian Brave Riding his Horse

Super impressive, large size poster from Pratt’s Food Company of Philadelphia.  28 ½”x 22”.  The illustration of the Indian brave and his horse truly speaks for itself.  The colors are as bold and bright as the day it was printed.  Additionally, the consigner has had the poster archivally de-acidified and laid on linen.  This magnificent poster suffers from only a few tiny edge tears to the left border that have been sealed in the mounting process and are now invisible without very close inspection.  The only other example I have recorded was sold in a Morford Advertising Auction in 2018.  That example sold for $4000 plus a 15% buyer’s fee.  I am proud to offer this example for the first time.  It comes from the long-held collection of a good friend where it proudly hung in his hospital lobby for many years. I would estimate the value at $3500-5000 today.  We will open the bidding at $2000 and it will sell from there.  Good Luck, you will not be disappointed.

41) Sergeant’s Dog Medicine Metal Display Cabinet

Outstanding graphics and condition are the hallmark of this wonderful dog medicines store cabinet by the Polk Miller Company of Richmond, Virginia.  The image of the vigilant German Shepherd Dog standing watch over the sleeping boy illustrates our strong Human and Dog bond.  14 ¼”x 12 ½”x 7 ½”.  The condition is a very strong excellent with just a few tiny paint chips.  This cabinet could also use a good cleaning to brighten up the orange background.  Just dirty from storage.  Please view the web site for additional photos.  Most of the Sergeant’s Dog Medicine cabinets that survived were repurposed for storage in garages and tool sheds.  They were mounted on walls by screws through the back panel.  This example escaped that use and panel damage.  Estimate is in the $1000 neighborhood.

42) Snow’s Stock Tonic Barrel Lid

Stenciled, wooden lid from a 250 pound barrel containing Snow’s Stock Food produced by the Old Home Veterinary Remedy Company of Canastota, New York.  21” diameter.  Hang it on the wall, hang it in the barn, it’s a pretty cool veterinary adverting piece for not much money.

43) F. C. Sturtevant’s Columbia Veterinary Remedies Tin Front Display Cabinet

Columbia Veterinary Remedies was the trade name for their veterinary medicines.  The company was located in Hartford, Connecticut and they are still in business today.  The story on this cabinet is similar to our first lot in this sale and comes from the same consigner.  In the 1980’s a small group of these tins, that were never put into cabinets, essentially New Old Stock (NOS), were found.  All were in mint or near mint condition.  I never heard an actual number of how many were found but, I’d guess around ten.  They were all quickly sold into collections.  I bought one in the mid 80’s at a shop in Vermont.  This tin was purchased by the consigner and put away.  It is in as close to mint condition as you will ever see with only a couple tiny nicks outside the black border line.  It still has the original shine overall.  The consigner figured that while he was having made a cabinet for the Dr. Daniels cabinet (#01), he should have a cabinet made for this tin as well.  29”x 22”x 18”.  I recorded an example in a modern cabinet selling in 2004 for $2500.  I sold my example, in a new cabinet for $2900 a few years ago.  Beautiful, unimprovable condition.

44) Dr. Sutterby’s Glass Front Display Cabinet

Wooden display cabinet with stenciled pediment reading:  DR. J. SUTTERBY’S / VETERINARY / REMEDIES  LE ROY, N.Y.  32 ½”x 17 ½”x 7 ½”.  The original side opening lock has been replaced with a working lock and key.  Additionally, it has two hook and eye closures on the side.  This is one of only two examples known and recorded.  We have a Dr. Sutterby’s Liniment bottle offered in the medicine section of this auction.  This is one of the more obscure veterinarians who produced medicines and sold them in stores.  I suspect Dr. Sutterby’s sales did not much exceed central New York.  Sold without reserve.

45) Veterinary Dentistry Graduation Certificate, 1903

According to this framed, paper certificate. D. B. Morgan of Fayetteville, Arkansas taught a course in “HORSE DENTISTRY, SURGERY, GENERAL TRAINING OF THE HORSE, AND MORGAN’S TWELVE REMEDIES SYSTEMS FOR HORSES CATTLE AND DOGS.”  J. R. Marsh of Ash Grove, Missouri completed the full course of instruction on September 10, 1903.  There is no claim that Mr. Morgan is a graduate of any veterinary education.  Image size of the certificate is 8”x 6 ¼”.  I found a newspaper ad from 1909 stating that D. B. Morgan, veterinarian would be in Springdale, Arkansas “FOR ONE DAY ONLY” on June 6th.  Most likely a unique survivor of early “veterinary” training.

46) Dr. Daniels’ Booklet Lot of Nine (9)

This lot contains nine booklets from Dr. Daniels’ including The Cat, Our Money Maker, and Veterinary Medicines and How to Use Them.  Condition varies from poor to excellent with an average of very good minus.  Lot of nine (9).

#47) Humphreys’ Medium Veterinary Stable Case with Original Bottles

I am going to start the medicine section off with what may be one of the rarest medicine sets we have ever offered.  Among Humphreys’ Homeopathic Veterinary Medicines it is, without doubt, the rarest and possibly unique set we have ever seen or offered.  Let me review a little Humphreys’ information for you.  The Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York City sold their veterinary cures in three, embossed sized bottles, small, medium, and large.  The vast majority of these bottles were sold in a Stable Case set of ten different small size cures within a wooden case, usually with a treatment book, ointment jar, and a labeled glass dose dropper.  The company also sold these medicines individually, especially the small size bottles and to a much lesser extent, the large size examples.  Probably 90-95% of existing Humphreys’ veterinary medicine bottles are the small size examples.  For example, over the last 25 years we have sold over thirty small size cases most with bottles, one medium size with no bottles, and three large size cases, one with nine bottles.  We have sold nine large size individual bottles, three (3) medium size examples, and over 150 small size bottles.  Labels on the bottles changed over the years due to government regulation.  Early labels had the word CURE, later examples designated the amount of Alcohol starting at 52% and later 15%.  All of the medium size bottles we have sold, had labels with this later 15% alcohol disclaimer.    

Where is all this going, you ask. Our first lot, described in detail below is a set of nine (9) medium size labeled bottles, with the “CURE” designation in a stable case dated 1886 and with an ointment jar and a labeled glass dropper.  While not “perfect” and complete, it is most likely the only set of its kind in existence today.

Wooden stable case with inside paper label dated 1886 from the Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company.  Of the ten (10) embossed medium size bottles included in this case, eight have the label printed with “CURES” and appear to be original to this case.  The original labeled bottles are for medicines labeled as B.B., C. C., D. D., F. F., H. H., I. I., and J.K.  One additional medium bottle for medicine A. A. is of a different bottle style and has a slightly later label.  One bottle has a damaged, illegible label.  All bottles have identical embossing on the reverse.  This stable case also contains an embossed ointment jar and a beautifully labeled glass medicine dropper.  Probably the best labeled dropper I have ever seen.  The case is 13 ½”x 7”x 6”. It has the original handle and engraved plaque on the top.  It has the original lock but is missing the key.  It is hard to estimate the value of this rare set.  If the contents were sold separately, then $500-$800 would not be an unreasonable expectation.  However, this stable case and its contents will be sold without reserve, to the highest bidder.  Good Luck.  Many additional photos will be on the website and if you need additional information or photos, just let me know.  Hopefully, before the last day of bidding.

48) Barber’s Fever Remedy

Unopened bottle with paper labels, paper insert and box from the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont.  The company was started by Dr. C. N. Barber.  4”x 1 ½”x 1 ¼”. Bottle has the original paper seal over the cork, but the contents have evaporated over time.  Bottle and labels are near mint.  The box seems unusually tall for the size of the bottle. Box is missing all top flaps.  This is one of only three examples that have ever been recorded and purchased by the consigner from us in the late 1990’s.  Scarce example that should find a lot of interest.

49) Barber’s Inflammation Remedy

Unopened bottle with paper labels and original paper seal over the cork from the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont.  3 ½”x 1 ½”x 1”.  Labels are excellent but the paper seal is stained from the evaporation of the original contents. This is again one of only three examples ever recorded.  Surprisingly, NO examples with a box have ever surfaced.  Another scarce Barber medicine to add to your collection.

50) Dr. Bell’s Veterinary Medicinal Wonder

Bottle with wrap around paper label from the Dr. Bell Wonder Medicine Company of Kingston, Canada.  4”x 1 ¼”x ¾”.  ‘A GREAT REMEDY FOR MOST CONDITIONS IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS.”  Very good condition overall.