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February 29th, 2020
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01 Colossal Dr. Daniels’ Veterinary Medicines Poster

I’m starting this auction off with what I believe must be a one of kind survivor. This colossal sized Dr. Daniels’ poster was meant to be glued to a wall or fence to advertise his Veterinary Medicines. The image size on this is 27”x 54” and is currently framed and matted to a size of 34”x 62”. This poster is 4 ½’ tall without the frame. The poster dates from 1895-1904. We can determine that, as those were the years the Dr. Daniels’ Company had their office at #1 Staniford Street in Boston. Dr. Daniels’ image is 23”x 21”, that is as large as some posters by itself. This poster comes from one of the oldest veterinary collections of which I am aware, and I have known of it for over 25 years. It is in amazing condition. It just has old fold lines and a few minor creases. With the nice framing and matting it is a STATEMENT piece for any collection, ready to hang. Impossible to accurately estimate as we have never sold anything close as a comparable. In my mind, it’s worth whatever it brings but I suspect several thousand dollars. Pick up or delivery only, we can not ship this as framed.

02 Capwell Horse Nail Calendar, 1926

Hanging calendar with original metal hanging strips at the top and bottom and full calendar pad from 1926.  The company’s main office and factory was in Hartford, Connecticut.  16”x 9”.  There are rust spots along the metal bands at the top and bottom and at the staples that hold the calendar pad.  The left edge, near the bottom has a couple of old tape repairs to minor tears.  The image of the children riding the plow horse while their dog runs beside them is great.  Overall, a very appealing calendar.

03 Columbia Veterinary Remedies Tin Cabinet Front Panel

This is the lithographed tin panel from a display cabinet that was apparently used by a store owner as a sign, instead of part of a wooden display cabinet from the F. C. Sturtevant Company of Hartford, Connecticut.  This panel has a series of small nail holes around the perimeter that show evidence of having been hung by nails for a long time.  The sign was manufactured by Sentenne & Green of New York.  They were one of the most prominent lithographers at the turn of the Century.  I found them listed online in the 1897-1900 time frame, so we can date this panel from that period.  14”x 21”.  There is scattered rust spots and expected wear, but nothing that really distracts.  It would probably improve with a wash and wax.  I have recorded two cabinets with this panel selling previously.  We sold one in 1997 for $3800 and one sold in a mid-west auction in 2018 for $6500.  I know of one other cabinet example in a collection at this time and one other panel, like this, but in much worst condition That’s it, three cabinets and two free panels from a very desirable company.  What is just the panel worth?  We will see with your high bid.  NO RESERVE.

04 Corona Wool Fat Glass Front Display Cabinet and Three (3) Tins

Wooden, glass front cabinet advertising Corona Wool Fat, a veterinary remedy for skin injuries on animals made by the Corona Company of Kenton, Ohio.  24”x 14 ½”x 9”.  All original including the key and lock.  The name has been stenciled on the door frame in gold paint, that is all original.  Three (3) tins of Corona Wool Fat, to display with the cabinet, are included in the lot.  I’d estimate this nice cabinet at $200-300.  No reserve.

05 Dr. Daniels’ Veterinary Medicines Tin Front Display Cabinet

I have called this tin front style variant #3 with no medicine prices listed at the bottom on the front panel tin.  Based on the packages illustrated, I’d date it c1900.  This cabinet appears to be totally original including the original wood finish and the lock and key. 28 ½”x 21”x 8”.  The embossed, painted tin front is in excellent condition, the red lettering is vibrant and strong as is Dr. Daniels’ face and the illustrated medicine packages.  There are some scattered oxidation spots that can be seen along with a few scrapes.  Overall it displays extremely well with great, bright color in general. Here is your chance for an honest, authentic example.  I would estimate this cabinet, realistically at $1500-2500 based on its condition.  Open the bidding at $500 and consigner says, “sell it”.

06 Dr. Daniels’ Celluloid Mirror

Celluloid advertising mirror with a lady and her horse and dog as the central image.  The gate posts on either side have the advertising for Dr. Daniels’ Horse, Cattle and Dog Medicines.  2” diameter.  Also printed on the mirror is: John March Representing Dr. A. C. Daniels’.  Mr. Marsh was a salesman for the Daniels’ Company and gave these mirrors away to his customers.  Condition of the celluloid is excellent without damage.  A bit of Daniels’ history as this was not just a give-away from a random store, but directly from a salesman.

07 Dr. Daniels’ Dog Remedies Tip Tray

Very scarce metal, rectangular tip tray with an image of a Pointer named “Champion Cincinnatus Pride” in the center.  5”x 3 ¼”.  Condition is NEAR MINT.  The outer edge is painted with a sunrise scene at the top and a woodland scene at the bottom and flowers on the sides.  This is one of a set of four different dog tip trays from Dr. Daniels’.  I am aware of one complete set and a few individual examples.  This is the first time I have recorded this particular named dog tray.  These typically sell in the $500-1000 range.  We sold a different example last year for $575. So lets start the bidding at $300 and go from there.

08 Dr. Daniels’ Witch Hazel Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden with advertising on one end panel and retaining the original lid.  End panel reads: HALF DOZEN / DR. DANIELS / WITCH HAZEL / LARGE / DR. A. C. DANIELS INC.  172 MILK STREET / BOSTON, MASS.  8”x 8”x 11”.  Some minor damage to the slide lid, but the print on the end panel is very strong.  This is the first Daniels’ Witch Hazel wooden shipping crate to be recorded.  In almost 30 years, we have recorded only five (5) bottles of Witch Hazel selling, all for over $100, so you can image how rare this crate must be.

09 Dr. Daniels Horse and Dog Medicines Calendar of 1909 with Three Horses

This is HUGE hanging lithographic calendar with a complete calendar pad from 1909.  It is 17”x 23” with the original metal hanging bars at the top and bottom.  It features three highly detailed horses peaking out from their stall.  That white horse is staring right at you.  The horse on the right has a wisp of hay hanging from his lips in a slightly comical addition.  A framed portrait of Dr. Daniels’ is hanging on the stall door.  This poster / calendar is my favorite Dr. Daniels’ image of all time.  The poster is currently in a very old frame with a non-acid free backing and needs to be reframed to really feel the power of this image.  I have not examined it out of the frame, but the condition looks to be excellent.  There is a horizontal crease near the top edge and a light line in the neck of the top horse.  There is a short, 1” tear in the right edge below the horse.  That is about it for a poster of this size that is 111 years old.   The color is exceptional and bright.  This is just one of several exceptional Dr. Daniels’ advertising pieces we offer.  I have recorded two previous examples of the poster, NONE with the original calendar pad.  2001 for $2150 and 2005 for $1400.  I would expect this example to easily top those results, but it is sold with no reserve.

10 Dr. Daniels’ Horse & Dog Remedies Metal Hanging Sign

Extremely rare, early tin sign with cardboard backing and hanging string advertising Dr. Daniels’ Horse & Dog Remedies.  19”x 13”.  This is the same image that is found on the VERY DESIRABLE Daniels’ tin Dog and Cat Remedies display cabinet.  It features a beautiful lady seated in a chair with a cat in her lap and petting a Boston Terrier looking dog at her feet.  The sign hanging on her wall, in the background reads:  “KEEP THE PETS WELL.”  There is some scattered wear to the background behind her chair and on the wall above the cat.  There is some denting mostly confined to the edge border.  The sign may have been coated with a clear coat to protect the paint, at some point.  The top banner advertising and the imagery of the lady and her pets is strong with no significant damage.  This is only the THIRD example of this great sign that I have ever seen.  I saw one in an auction when I was just starting to collect about 30 years ago when I could not afford to buy it. I was able to purchase an example a few years ago, that is currently in my collection and this example, that comes from a long, held collection.  Hard to estimate as this will be a major addition to any collection it enters.  I have to believe it will end in the $2000-3000 range.  Start the bidding at $300 with no further reserve.  Please call if you have any questions about this great sign or any other lot, prior to the last day of bidding.

11 Dr. Hess Poultry PAN-A-MIN Wooden Barrel

Wooden barrel with paper label and lid, once containing 100 pounds of Dr. Hess Poultry PAN-A-MIN.  21”x 14”.  Label is about 99% complete but is toned.  You could make this the bottom of a large stack of crates or even use it as an end table with a lamp.

12 Dole’s Nature’s Restorative Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden crate.  16”x 12”x 6”.  Advertising on three sides.  Side panels read:  NATURE’S RESTORATIVE / THE BEST REMEDY FOR DISEASES OF / CATTLE & HORSES / PREPARED ONLY BY W. H.  DOLE FOR / DOLE REMEDY COMPANY / MELROSE, MASS.  One end panel reads:  NATURE’S RESTORATIVE / SURE PREVENTIVE OF / TUBERCULOSIS / MANUFACTURED BY / DOLE REMEDY COMPANY / MELROSE, MASS.  No lid.  Excellent condition.  I’ve never seen a package of their Restorative.

13 Wooden Display Cabinet Advertising Dr. Hoff’s Horse Salve

Wooden glass front cabinet with “DR HOFF’S / HORSE SALVE” etched into the reverse of the glass.  I am suspicious that this has been added to the glass recently.  The cabinet appears to be an older cabinet with lock and key but the interior shelf is placed with modern hardware.  I can find no listing on the internet for any Dr. Hoff veterinary product, much less a Horse Salve.  Cabinet is 16 ½”x 14 ½”x 7”.  Over the last ten or so years, we have seen a number of various sized, glass front cabinets appear with modern veterinary advertising etched into the glass.  It is well known to antique advertising dealers that these cabinets are showing up in auctions in the mid-west.  As such we are selling this piece without any guarantee of age and as a fantasy item.  Bid as you see fit.

14 Humphreys Veterinary Specifics Embossed Horse Display Cabinet

Original wooden cabinet c1900 from the Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York.  The cabinet is 21”x 28”x 9”. It has both of its original doors.  This style cabinet opened from the front or back and each door has its original hook and eye closure.  The front panel is made from a composite paper material.  It was pressed into a mold, under pressure, to produce the raised image of the horse and the wording seen on the panel.  The background of the panel was painted black with red applied to the top of the lettering.  Traces of the original red on the letters survives.  Traces of the gold that was on the horse head remains also.  The circle around the horse head retains much of its original silver paint wash.  The front panel is in excellent condition with just the most minimal wear.  It is very hard to find one of these cabinets that retains ANY original paint.  A very nice example overall.  The opening bid here is $1000 with no further reserve.

15 International Stock Food Poster #2, “Dandy Pig”

 This is the medium size ISF poster #2 that is framed and triple matted with an image size of 15”x 20”.  ISF prevents Hog Cholera in your hogs.  The red color background is as brilliant as the day it rolled on the press.  There is no edge damage or tears seen. The only problem that keeps this from being a mint example looks to be an original printing error.  In the bottom left corner, to the left of the bucket, green ink which was used to darken the red background and produce a “Shadow” behind Dandy has spread over onto the yellow edge.  This is original, not damage and does not really distract from the great image and color.  Two previous examples have each sold for over $1000.  The consigner has requested a $500 opening bid with no further reserve.  You won’t be disappointed.

16 International Stock Food (ISF) Poster, #26, “The Largest 4 Year Old Horse in World”

Large format lithograph illustrating “A WONDER OF THE HORSE WORLD”  at 19 hands tall and weighing 2500 pounds.  Beautiful, full color example at 21”x 28”.  The colors are fantastic with extremely strong greens and sky blue.  The poster does have some minor paper separations at old fold lines.  Poster is currently beautifully framed, double matted, and ready to hang with no additional expense of framing.  Colors are very strong, and the image is great.  I guess this was a direct challenge to the Dr. LeGear Giant horse.  Overall size with the frame is 36”x 30.  Shipping of this large poster and frame could be an issue, so direct pick up or delivery needs to be considered.  Note: After viewing the catalog photo, I can say that the old fold lines are MUCH more evident in the photo than just looking at the poster.  Wonderful image that really pops.

17 International Stock Food Poster #56, Arion 2:07 ¾

This poster illustrates Arion, a race horse owned by M.W. Savage, the owner of the ISF company of Minneapolis.  It is a rare example as this is the first time I have recorded this Litho #56.  However, there is significant issues.  It has been cut down to just the image and other ISF advertising that would have been in the border is gone.  There is a tear from the bottom edge extending above the Arion name.  This has been sealed on the reverse with archival tape.  There are also old fold marks and minor edge tears.  18”x 15”.  It does have really good color.

18 International Stock Food Poster, #68, Hog Family Marching

This is a small format poster Illustrating the anthropomorphic hog family dressed in their Sunday finest.  Father hog has two buckets of ISF on his shoulders. He with mother hog and all the piglets are marching down the road home.  14”x 10” with full borders.  The poster was quarter folded and probably mailed that way originally.  The only damage are those old fold lines which don’t really impact the great illustration.  This is the FIRST EXAMPLE of this poster I have recorded.  Bid as you see fit.

19 International Stock Food Poster #72, Bull on a Bucket

International Stock Food small format poster that has it all.  First of all, this unusual illustration of a bull standing on a bucket of ISF with a field full of horses and cattle in the background.  It is only the second example ever recorded.  Second, the condition is just great with only one nearly invisible vertical fold line and the margins closely cut to the border.   Finally, the colors are bold, bright, and as crisp as the day it was printed over 100 years ago. 12 ¾”x 9”.  The sale of the first example really took off and ended at $475.  This is sold without reserve and perhaps a chance for the underbidder  from that first sale.

20 Dr. G. S. Jordon, Veterinary Surgeon Calendar

Framed and matted calendar of 1915, from Dr. Jordon of Williamstown, Mass.  The image size is 10”x 14 ½” with an overall size with the frame of 17”x 21”.  Outstanding image of a beautiful lady holding the bridle of two matching horses.  The calendar pad is showing the month of April, 1915.  There are two creases in the upper left corner but these do not distract from the central image that really pulls in your eye.  A large privately issued calendar from a Veterinary Surgeon with great color and ready to hang.  Likely unique, as I’ve not seen another.

21 Kendall’s Spavin Cure Poster

Very early c1870-80 lithographic poster and what is speculated to be the first poster produced by the Dr. B. J. Kendall Company of Enosburgh Falls, Vermont.  The lady and her daughter’s clothes are typical of this era.  There is a lot happening in this poster.  The daughter is giving an apple to the horse while petting the black dog, her son, in the sailor suit is opening a case of Kendall’s Spavin Cure and holding up a bottle.  The African American Mammy, on the left seems disturbed that the baby has been placed on the horse.  Grandma is looking out the window with another child, just checking out the action.  20”x 23 ½” image size.  Currently in a nice wooden frame.  The poster appears to be undamaged as seen, however it originally had a printed caption, at the bottom, that described the uses for the Spavin Cure.  This has been removed.  This is the first example of this poster that I have ever recorded selling.  I have seen a couple of examples in collections, but it is extremely rare.  Condition on this example is probably close to the best I have seen.  We sold another rare Kendall poster in our last auction for $3100, if this example was complete, I’d estimate it about the same.  Does missing the bottom, non-graphic part decreases the value?  Your final bid will determine that.

22 Dr. B. J. Kendall’s Blackberry Balsam Poster

A classic style patent medicine poster from the maker of Kendall’s Spavin Cure.  This is a poster advertising and promoting his human patent medicine, Blackberry Balsam.  It was warranted to cure Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Dysentery, AND ALL SUMMER COMPLAINTS.  Poster sight size is 25”x 38 ½”.  It is archivally mounted and framed under clear plastic rather than glass.  Poster has old fold lines with some separations and a few scattered light stains.  Displays great and is ready to hang.  While not a veterinary poster as such it is related to, as the poster says, DR. B. J. KENDALL OF SPAVIN CURE FAME.  

23 Kreso Dip #1 Sign

Framed paper sign produced by the Parke, Davis Company of Detroit.  KILLS CHICKEN LICE and showing a graphic illustration of the ugly pest.  11 ½”x 23 ½” image size and currently in a black frame, ready to hang.  This reminds me of a side show banner at the fair: “DON’T LET LICE AND MITES EAT YOUR CHICKENS ALIVE.” Oh, my!!  It is in excellent condition, clean and bright with no damage.

24 Kreso Dip #1 Store Display

Die-cut metal and wooden display stand for Kreso Dip #1, produced by the Parke, Davis Company of Detroit.  The display is a painted metal exterior over a wooden interior that is open at the front and back.  The highlight of this outstanding display is the die-cut, lithographed pediment that features a roaring bull among other livestock.  The pediment is hinged on the sides so it can be raised or lowered, as desired.  18 ½”x 12”x 6”.  The sides of the base are also decorated.  One side has a horse image while the other features a Collie Dog.  The front of the base reads:  KRESO DIP #1 / PROTECTS ALL LIVE STOCK / FROM / PARASITES AND DISEASE. The condition of the pediment with the animals is just exceptional.  It has a tiny bit of edge wear along the bull’s tail and back and a couple of tiny paint chips on the bull’s cheek.  Otherwise the paint is like new, crisp and bright.  The base does have some wear and paint loss along the top edge in the banner reading “KRESO DIP #1. This lot also contains an original Kreso Dip pint can and an advertising booklet.  Both the can and booklet feature the same bull imagery as the pediment.  This is the first time I have been able to offer a complete example of this fantastic and rare display.  The Morford Antique Advertising Company auctioned an example off in 1996 with a hammer price of $2700. I’m not sure of the condition of that example, but it’s hard to believe it could be much better than this one offered today, twenty-four years later.  I’d estimate this at $2000-3000+ and start the bidding at $1000 just to get it rolling with no further reserve.  

25 Labaree’s Veterinary Medicines Glass Front Display Cabinet

Wooden, glass front display cabinet from the Labaree Veterinary Medicine Company of Bellows Falls, Vermont.  15”x 14”x 6 ½”.  Cabinet has original lettering on the door frame, “WARRANTED” is painted on the glass of the door, and it retains the original wood, bead molding which hold the glass in the door.  The finish is original and it has the original lock.  It is missing the lock escutcheon on the front of the door and the key.  Someone added an interior shelf at some point to increase the available display space inside.  It has “authentic” wear over its last 100+ years of life and it quite striking.   I have recorded four previous examples of glass front cabinets from this company.  The last was in 2010 in a McMurray Drug Store Auction where a similar example, retaining the original “Warranted” painted on the glass sold for $3250.  Items from this company, advertising and medicines, are extremely scarce and we are fortunate to be able to offer this cabinet and a small collection of medicines in our medicine section.  This cabinet has a great small size that fits anywhere and is perfect for displaying medicines from your collection.  Based on previous sales you would expect a final bid of $1500-3000 for this rare cabinet.  Glass front cabinets are experiencing a resurgence lately so start the bidding at $750 and don’t forget to bid on the Labaree Medicines.

26 Dr. LeGear, The Giant Horse Tin Sign

Lithographed, self-framed tin sign c1911 of a Percheron horse that was named “Dr. LeGear” and was billed as the largest horse in the world by the Dr. LeGear Medicine Company of St. Louis.  He was 21 hands tall and weighed 2995 pounds.  His entire history is detailed in the banner running at the bottom of the sign. It has a cardboard backing with an original hanging string. 17 ½”x 14”.  This example is NOT plagued with flaking of the paint that it typical of this sign.  There are scattered scratches in the background.  The horse, handler, and pasture scene are, for the most part, unaffected. This is a nice example, ready to hang.  

28 Dr. J. C. Melvin 1930 Calendar Give-away

This calendar was a give away from Dr. Melvin, Graduate Veterinarian from Mayfield, Kentucky.  The print of the three bird dogs is captioned, “The Sportsman’s Pride.”  This was printed by the Fort Dodge Serum Company for distribution to veterinarians.  16”x 10”.  Excellent condition.  It is ready to be framed.

29 Dr. Lesure’s Veterinary Remedies Tin Front Wooden Display Cabinet

Wooden cabinet with lithographed metal front panel from Dr. J. G. Lesure of Keene, New Hampshire.  This cabinet with the graphic and very life like horse head poking out from a stone “porthole” is always highly sought and desirable.  28”x 22”x 7”.  The lettering and horse head are embossed (raised up) from the flat panel.  The horse image is in excellent condition with no damage to the paint.  The red on the letters has faded a bit.  The problem here is this is NOT the original cabinet that this tin came in.  This appears to be a country store DYE cabinet.  One from which clothing dye was sold.  It is a marriage of the Dr. Lesure tin with an old cabinet.  I have recorded examples of this cabinet selling from $2900-$5700 over the last 22 years.  This cabinet is not for the purest, but for the collector who has always wanted one of these great Dr. Lesure cabinets but is on a budget.  The consigner says it has to go. So there is no reserve and it will sell to the high bidder.

30 Dr. Metzger’s Poultry Medicine & Tonic Wooden Bucket

Wooden bucket with original paper label from Dr. A. H. Metzger of Millersville, Pennsylvania.  10”x 8 ½”.  “GUARANTEED EGG PRODUCER AND REMEDY FOR ALL DISEASES.”  Label shows some wear and tear as expected but this is probably the only survivor from this company.  A nice small size that will fit anywhere.

31 Old Trusty Dog Food Metal Sign

Embossed, metal sign advertising “Old Trusty” dog food produced from a company in Needham Heights, Mass.  It is currently in a black frame with an overall size of 21”x 15 ½”.  The company trade mark shows a fox hunting gentleman with his trusty Fox Hound.  There is some very minor surface wear to a few of the letters and some minimal paint chipping to the lower left corner of the oval trade mark in the “D” of Dog and does not affect the Gentleman or his dog.  Very bright colors on this great sign.  Ready to hang without further expense.

32 Old Trusty Dog Food Cardboard Sign

Easel back, counter top, cardboard sign to advertise the three tasty choices of Old Trusty Dog Food.  12”x 18 ½”.  Illustration of the Dalmatian handing the menu to the Pekinese diner.  Sign in lightly toned and does have corner wear and a couple of pushes in the cardboard.  Cute illustration.

33 Pratts’ Veterinary Remedies Calendar, 1908

Cardboard calendar produced by the Pratt’s Food Company of Philadelphia and given away by J. G Wilder, a pharmacist in Circleville, Ohio.  The caption of the pinup style illustration is “THE GIRL IN GREEN.”  She has quite a fancy green hat.  One of only three or four calendars produced by the Pratt Company that illustrated beautiful ladies.  This year, 1908 is quite scarce as this is the first example I have ever offered.  McMurry auctions sold JUST THE CALENDER TOP, without the pad in 2017 for $200.  12”x 8 ½”.  There are some condition issues. The original hanging hole was torn through and the owner at the time, punched another small hole to hang the calendar.  There are three minor edge tears, two of which can be seen just BELOW the illustration.  Lastly, there is some minor edge and corner wear.  There is a full calendar pad and no damage or distractions with the great image of the girl in green.  Frame this up and you have a beautiful example.

34 Pratt’s Animal & Poultry Regulators & Veterinary Remedies Live Stock Poster

Beautiful, LARGE, color lithographed poster, dated 1906, produced by the Pratt Food Company of Philadelphia.  The poster details the various breeds of cattle, sheep, and hogs with color illustrations.  The Jersey Cow has the place of honor in the center of the poster. Expanding from the center are the various breeds of cattle, followed by the breeds of hogs and finally the sheep breeds are lined up on both ends.  Surrounding the animal illustrations to make the poster appear framed is a faux wooden frame.  The poster is beautifully framed and double matted.  The condition of the poster is outstanding with just one short tear in the right edge.  The poster is clean, and the colors are bright and bold.  The image size is 28”x 20” with an overall size with the frame and double mat of 39”x 32” and is very impressive to view first hand.  This is an extremely scarce poster with highly desirable imagery.  Only the third example ever offered.  The last sold for $825.  Open the bidding at just $300.  I can tell you that the frame cost more than the opening bid.  Note:  There is some reflection in the glass in the catalog photo.

35 Sergeant’s Dog Care Store Display

Cardboard store display used to promote and sell FLEA AND TICK products for dogs.  It has an easel back and products were stacked on the front.  The dogs rear leg was originally motorized and moved back and forth to simulate scratching his ear.  The motor is still attached to the back of the display, but the wiring is removed.  This was from the Polk Miller Company of Richmond, Virginia.  25”x 14”. Minor edge wear only.

36 Rival Dog Food Advertising Clock

Clock with the original wooden frame is c1940-50.  15”x 15”x 3”.  After this was consigned, I had the clock work rewired with a new plug for safety reasons.  The clock does run, but not consistently.  It stops on a whim and can be restarted by moving the time setting knob on the reverse.  No attempt to made to clean up the interior advertising and the new owner can probably get the clock running, if desired.  As is, it is a cool wall hanger.

37 Pulsifer’s Horse Restorative Crate

Wooden crate with advertising on all four sides from the Pulsifer Chemical Company of Boston.  10”x 12”x 5 ½”.  End panels read:  PULSIFER’S / HORSE RESTORATIVE / PULSIFER CHEMICAL CO. / BOSTON, MASS.  Side panels read:  PULSIFER’S / VETERINARY MEDICINES / FOR HORSES AND CATTLE / PULSIFER CHEMICAL CO. / 127 BROAD STREET BOSTON, MASS.  Nailed construction. No lid.  Printing is strong on all four sides.  Scarce company to find any advertising from and I’ve never seen or recorded an example of their Horse Restorative.

39 Spratt’s Cat Food Porcelain Sign

Spratt’s porcelain sign advertising their cat food and illustrated with a logo image of cat that spells out the company name.  12”x 12”.  Excellent condition with only the slight edge wear and damage to the main body of the sign.  “PUTS PUSSY IN FINE FORM.”  Spratt’s started in England but sold extensively in America out of their Newark, New Jersey offices and factories.  Open it at $100.

40 Wilbur’s Gas Colic Cure Poster

Very desirable poster from the Wilbur Stock Food Company of Milwaukee. The illustration, which is very detailed, shows a horseman administering a drench of Wilbur’s Colic Cure to a horse.  The horseman is standing on a wooden crate of Wilbur’s White Rock Hoof Packing. 21”x 14” image size.  It is currently nicely framed and double matted and ready to hang.  The colors are exceptionally strong, especially the red.  There is some edge damage along the right edge which consists of paper loss in the border, which does not reach the red.  Below that, there is a light damp stain that again does not reach the illustration.  Finally, near the bottom right edge there is another light stain with a tiny paper loss.  There are some very, very light creases that can be seen with very close inspection.  The color and graphics really pop on this poster and, I feel, overwhelm any condition issues.  Based on the sales of previous Wilbur posters, I’d expect an estimate in the $2000-3500 range if the poster was in mint condition.  The condition issues will affect the final price, but I would still expect a final bid over $1000.  Sold without reserve.

41 Wilbur’s Stock Food Stenciled Store Bid

Wooden store bin, stenciled on all four sides and the original lid from the Wilbur Stock Food Company of Milwaukee.  17”x 17”x 35”.  Each side has a different Wilbur’s product advertised.  You have White Rock Hoof Packing, Hog Food, Poultry Food, and Wilbur’s Food for Horses and Cattle.  There is some wear to the stenciling on all four sides, but over 90% is legible.  The Hog and Poultry sides are the most complete, while the Wilbur’s horse side is the most damaged.  PLEASE SEE PHOTOS OF ALL FOUR SIDES ON THE WEBSITE. I CAN SUPPLY ADDITIONAL PHOTOS IF NEEDED. The bin has its original top that is also stenciled, but it has taken the most wear and is largely illegible.  The bottom feet have been cut down slightly.  This is great size bin that is complete with lid, which is often missing.  Pick up or delivery is recommended, but it can be shipped.

42 Dr. Woodbury’s Horse Liniment Poster

 Large lithographic poster that is nicely framed and matted.  21”x 17” image size and 28” 23” overall with the frame.  Very graphic black horse standing in a pasture is the overall scene.  There are some drip stains to the right of the horse.  Only one really is seen without close examination. I suspect these could be removed with professional conservation, if desired.  No other damage is noted.  I am aware of one other example of this poster currently in a collection, but this is the first I have recorded at auction.  A large, framed poster with a great “look”.  Estimate at $500-1000.

43 Veterinary X-Zalia Wooden Crate

Wooden crate with slide lid and original paper shipping label from the X-Zalia Corporation of Boston.  12”x 5”x 3 ½”.  Strong advertising print on all four sides and the original lid.  Lid reads:  VETERINARY X-ZALIA / CONTAINS NO ALCOHOL / KEEP FROM FREEZING.  End panels read:  VETERINARY / X-ZALIA.  Side panels read:  VETERINARY X-ZALIA / A POSITIVE CURE FOR / SURFACE INFLAMMATIONS ON DOMESTIC ANIMALS.  I’ve sold two bottles of X-Zalia over the years and they are very large bottles.  This crate would have held only ONE BOTTLE.  The packing label is addressed to E. M. Sargent of South Lyndeboro, New Hampshire.  Excellent condition.

44 Dr. Clayton’s “A Treatise On The Cat”

 Twenty-eight page booklet detailing the treatment of CAT diseases with Dr. Clayton’s Cat Remedies.  5”x 6 ½”.  Condition is near mint, as I would consider this booklet never used.  Many illustrations of Champion cats are included in the pages.  I have seen this cover with both white and yellow backgrounds, this is the yellow example.  No date but probably c1910.

45 Dr. Lesure’s Famous Remedies

Booklet with 64 pages of illustrations and uses for his veterinary medicines.  The condition of this booklet is near mint, UNUSED.  It has minor spine wear, but the pages are clean, crisp and bright.  8”x 5 ½”.  From Keene, New Hampshire. 

46 Geisler Cage Bird Booklets, Lot of Two (2)

Both 32 pages in near mint condition from Max Geisler Bird Company of New York.

47 Steer Head card

“Of course I’m strong and always well, I’m fed Pratts Food as you can tell.”

48 Happy Pratt card

 “Use Pratts Foods, and Veterinary Remedies and be a Happy Pratt.”

49 Mule card

 “Say Jack—THAT’s the stuff that makes you feel like a horse.”

50 Scary Hen card

“There was a man by the name of Rice / Who was afraid of chicken lice. / He fumed, he fret, he lost much fat / Until he bought the killer, Pratt.”

51 Lady and Calf card

 “Moo, Moo calfie, I know you, / Once you were not much to do. / Pratts Calf Tonic made you big, / Just like a fat Christmas pig.”

52 Running Fowl card

 “Turkey, Rooster, Goose and Hen, / All the fowls from every pen, / If your meat is to be good, / You must eat Pratts Poultry Food.”