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March 13, 2021
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01 Buckeye Stock Food Banner

Fantastic hanging banner printed on fabric and retaining the original top and bottom metal bars along with the original metal hanging ring.  18”x 12”.  Made for the Buckeye Company of Lorain, Ohio by the Meek and Beach Company of Coshocton, Ohio.  We can accurately date this banner from 1901-1905 because the Meek and Beach Company was founded in 1901 and changed their name in 1905.  A magnificent black horse is the centerpiece of this outstanding banner.  The colors literally jump out at you.  Condition overall is excellent with just some very minor wear, a couple of light creases in the fabric and one short area on the right of the top metal band where the fabric has become detached.  Nothing that would detract or be of a concern.  The consigner purchased this Buckeye Stock Food piece in 2007 from a Morford Advertising auction, paying a hefty piece at the time.  In order to bring this offering to you, I had to promise the consigner that he would at least re-coop most of his investment, if not make money.  To this end, we will open the bidding at $2000 with an additional reserve.  If the bidding does not meet the reserve, the high bidder will have the option of negotiating for its purchase.  If the reserve is met, I will inform any current bidders that the item will sell.

02 Dr. C. N. Barber’s Veterinary Remedies Display Cabinet

Metal cabinet  with the front panel hinged at the bottom to drop down and expose the interior supply area.  The right side panel lists the horse medicines the company produced while the left side lists the cattle medicines.  Dr. Barber was from Barre, Vermont.  16”x 14”x 9 ½”.  There is a paper list of new prices glued on the right side of the front panel.  The lock is broken and the key will not work.  The consigner placed some putty, on the right side, between the door and the wall to keep the door closed.  The cabinet shows just some authentic age and a small amount of wear to the white background.  Front could use a little cleaning, but condition is very good.  There are a lot of Dr. Barber’s medicines in this auction and they would sure look good displayed with this cabinet.  Estimate it at $800-1500.

03 Dr. Clayton’s Dog Remedies Window Card

Large, cardboard “Window Card” from Dr. George Clayton’s Dog Medicines of Chicago.  The photo in the center is of Wire Hair Fox Terrier, Fast Freight.  18”x 13 ½”.  Printed on the sides is:  A REMEDY FOR EVERY DISEASE.”  An ad for his booklet “Treatise on the Dog” is printed at the bottom.  Other than an extremely mild corner bump, this Dog Medicine advertising piece is in near mint condition.  NOTE:  A rare, early example of “Dr. Clayton’s Treatise on the Dog” is offered in the paper section of this catalog.

04 Dr. Clayton’s Dog Remedies Glass Front Display Cabinet

Wooden cabinet with stenciled, frosted lettering applied to the inside of the glass advertising Dr. George Clayton’s Dog Medicines of Chicago.  29 ¾”x 22 ½”x 6 ½”.  It has a hook and eye door closure on the left side.  VCR sold this cabinet to the consigner in 2010.  The history I had from the original consigner was that the cabinet was purchased directly from a collector who had purchased it from Hart’s Drug Store in Blue Island, Illinois.  John Hart was a pharmacist and mayor of Blue Island from the 1930’s into the 1960’s and the Hart Pharmacy building is still a landmark in Blue Island today.  Blue Island is on the South side of Chicago, so it makes since that a Dr. clayton cabinet would end up there for selling his dog medicines.  I have seen one other identical cabinet in an Ohio collection.  The cabinet is old and has been refinished.  It looks like Golden Oak wood and is quite heavy.  The lettering IS NOT etched into the glass and there is a scratch across the “ON” in Clayton which would not happen with etched glass.

FULL DISCLAIMER:  Since I originally sold this cabinet, many modern fantasy veterinary cabinets have come on the market with etched, laser printed advertising on the glass.  Most come in trinket or nick kack cabinets or old curved glass country store display cabinets.  Because of these fantasy cabinets, any printed glass front cabinet has become suspect, not just veterinary cabinets.  I believe this cabinet to be right, but do not have the expertise to prove it.  I think it would take an old photograph of it sitting in Hart’s Drugstore to actually prove it.  The original story seemed believable, the location in Blue Island and era pan out.  If nothing else, it is a very nice display cabinet and a fantastic way to showcase your dog medicines.  If nothing else, I try to give you an honest description.  If you have any additional information about this cabinet or additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

05 Columbia Veterinary Remedies Tin Front Display Cabinet

Wooden cabinet with embossed tin panel insert from the F. C. Sturtevant Company of Hartford, Connecticut.  They named their line of Stock medicine “Columbia Veterinary Remedies.”  This style tin is one of three variations the company manufactured over the years.  This is considered the second oldest variation. Since the medicines listed on the front are “Remedies,” this style tin dates to c1910.  29”x 21 ½”x 10”.  There are three interior shelves and a working lock with key.  The knob is a modern addition.  The door panel is secured in the door with a wooden panel nailed to the inside of the door therefore securing the panel in place.  I doubt this was original to the cabinet and it is possible that this is a marriage.  However, the tin fits perfectly in the door, displays well, and is of the same construction as the only previous example I have ever sold.  That was all the way back in 1997.  Tin has staining, a few scratches, and general wear as you can see.  An extremely scarce cabinet from a very desirable company to collect.  So few Sturtevant cabinets have come to market that it is just a guess to estimate.  My guess would be $2000-4000.  Please contact me if you have any questions or need additional photos on this or any of the other cabinets in this sale.

06 Dr. Daniels’ Glass Front Wooden Display Cabinet

This early cabinet, c1890, is thought to be the first style of cabinet that Dr. Daniels’ produced. It has a curved wooden pediment with original black stenciling on the pediment and on the door. The stencil reads: DR. DANIELS / WARRANTED / VETERINARY / MEDICINES. The inside of the back wall also has an original stencil that reads: THIS CASE IS THE PROPERTY / OF / DR. A. C. DANIELS’ / BOSTON, MASS / AND LOANED TO KEEP HIS MEDICINES. Cabinet retains its original finish and is untouched. The cabinet also has its original lock and working key. 28” x 16 ½”x 5”. It has been six years since have offered one of these early Dr. Daniels’ cabinets.

07 Dr. Daniels’ Cardboard Insert “Three White Horses” Wooden Display Cabinet

A true veterinary collectible rarity.  The door insert is a very heavy cardboard and not metal.  Speculation suggests that this cabinet was produced during the First World War (c1916) when metal was in short supply due to the war effort.  It is also thought that this was the LAST style cabinet produced by the Daniels’ Company and was preceded by the metal Three White Horses version.  While I have found no evidence to confirm this speculation, it makes since from a historical and rarity perspective.  The front panel is printed:  DR. DANIELS’ / WARRANTED VETERINARY MEDICINES / HOME TREATMENT FOR / HORSES AND CATTLE / SHEEP AND SWINE / DOGS, CATS AND POULTRY / DR. DANIELS’ BOOKS FREE.  In the center of the panel is an applied, lithographic image of the famous painting, “Pharaoh’s Horses” and what we commonly call the three white horses.  27”x 18 ¼”x 7 ½”.  Cabinet has the original finish, a hook and eye closure on the right side, but is missing the entire back panel.  The front panel has a few tiny marks in the background and a few spots in the horse illustration.  In general, I would call this excellent condition and who really cares that the back panel is missing.  As too rarity, this is the third example to ever come to light and pass through our auctions.  Many collectors and long established country store dealers have never even heard of this cabinet.  I have never seen any illustration of it in any book or article.  I sold my first example in a 1996 auction where it brough what might have been a world record at the time, $7200 + 10%.  The second example sold twelve years later in 2008 for $4100 plus the buyer’s fee.  Those two cabinets are still firmly entrenched in collections.  Now 13 years later, a third example is offered.  Currently, I know of no other examples.  Sold without reserve, but I would expect a final bid in the $3000-6000 range.  Don’t wait 12 more years for another example to come to light.  Note:  While I was writing this description, it dawned on me that the addition of “Cats” on the front panel might bolster the evidence for the cabinets production timetable.  Usually Dr. Daniels’ advertising states, “FOR HORSES AND DOGS” and cats was added much later.

08 Pratt’s Veterinary Remedies Tin Front Display Cabinet:

Wooden, country store cabinet with lithographed tin front panel illustrating several of the veterinary medicines Pratt’s made c1900.  33”x 17”x 7 ½”.  The Pratt’s Food Company started in Philadelphia around 1870.  This cabinet can be dated to the pre-1906 era by the illustration of the package of Colic Cure.  Use of the word “Cure,” in advertising, was made illegal by the Pure Food & Drug Act of 1906.  The cabinet retains its original curved pediment and working lock and key.  The Pratt’s name printed on the door frame looks to have been touched up.  The tin panel is very bright with good colors.  It does have some very minor staining and wear that can be seen in the photos.  It displays very well and would look great on the wall or shelf.  Only a very few of these cabinets have ever come up for auction in the last twenty years and at least three have recorded have averaged selling for over $4000 in that time.  The consigner, a retired veterinarian, has requested a modest $1000 opening bid without a further reserve.  This is an excellent chance for you to add this rare cabinet to your collection.

09 Pulsifer’s Veterinary Medicine Wooden Display Cabinet

This is a glass front, wooden cabinet with a curved pediment.  The pediment has had the name, “PULSIFER’S / VETERINARY MEDICINES / WARRANTED” stenciled on it.    It has the original lock but no key.  28”x 12”x 7 ½”.  The pediment is intact and original.  It was attached to the top with glue and two wood “glue blocks” to support the pediment from the rear.  The cabinet was painted white at some point in its life.  Its small size probably got it repurposed as a bathroom cabinet, thus the white paint.  Whoever saved this cabinet and cleaned away the white paint was able to save the stenciling on the pediment.  Tiny bits of paint can still be seen in various places on the cabinet.  Pulsifer’s was from Boston and as a competitor of Dr. Daniels’ apparently did not last long as a producer of veterinary medicines.  We have sold a few other Pulsifer’s cabinets over the years and have recorded about a dozen of their various medicines in over 20 years.  Its small size and great curved pediment have always made it attractive to collectors.  Please feel free to ask any additional questions about this scarce cabinet.  Opening at $500.

10 Watkins Veterinary Display Cabinet

All original painted wooden cabinet designed to hold Watkin’s Veterinary Remedies. 31”x 17”x 8”. Original blue paint on the cabinet has appropriate wear. Cabinet has two interior shelves and the original lock, but no key. Back panel is also original. Print on the door reads: WATKINS VETERINARY CABINET. It is stenciled in black “sand” paint. This is paint that has had sand ground glass added to it to give texture and hold up better with age. It gives a rough feel to the lettering. Condition is excellent overall. I have seen a couple of later, metal veterinary cabinets from this company, but I have never seen another early painted example such as this. The wonderful blue paint would lend much crossover appeal to the home decorators of country style. They love their painted furniture. For the veterinary collector, this is currently a unique example of a veterinary patent medicine display cabinet in outstanding, original condition

11 Dr. Daniels’ Dog Remedies Tip Tray

Very scarce metal, rectangular tip tray with an image of a Bird Dog named “Young Rip Rap” in the center.  Printed in front of the dog is:  USE DR. DANIELS’ / DOG REMEDIES.    5”x 3 ¼”.  Condition is NEAR MINT.  The reality is that this tray is about as close to flawless you will ever find.  Maybe a teeny bit of wear on the fluted corners, but this could just as easily be “in the making.”  Impossible to find a better example.  The outer edge is painted with a sunrise scene with ducks at the top, a woodland scene at the bottom, and flowers on the sides.  This is one of a set of four different dog tip trays from Dr. Daniels’.  I am aware of one complete set and a few individual examples.  These typically sell in the $400-500 range.  Start the bidding at $100 and go.

12 Dr. Daniels’ Gall Salve Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden crate with original slide lid.  Both end panels are stenciled:  ONE DOZEN SMALL SIZE / GALL SALVE / DR. A. C. DANIELS, INC. / No. 172 MILK ST. BOSTON, MASS.  The side panels read:  FOR HARNESS GALLS.  10”x 7”x 2 ¾”.  Excellent condition and the lid really ads to the ease of crate stacking.

13 Dr. Daniels’ Witch Hazel Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden crate with advertising on one end panel.  End panel reads: DR. DANIELS / WITCH HAZEL / HAMAMELIS / A. C. DANIELS / BOSTON  8”x 9”x 10”.  The stencil on the end panel is weak but legible.  One of the scarcer wooden shipping crates for a Dr. Daniels’ medicine.

14 Dr. Daniels’ Horse Remedies Advertising Thermometer

Small wooden advertising thermometer with WORKING thermometer.  12”x 3”.  Made in the U. S. A. printed at the bottom.  Knowlton, Canada was the home of the Canadian branch of Dr. Daniels’ distribution.  Excellent condition.

15 Dr. Daniels’ Veterinary Medicines Advertising Thermometer

Painted, wooden advertising thermometer with Dr. Daniels’ advertising.  24”x 5”.  This is a more desirable example with double Dr. Daniels’ advertising at the top and bottom.  WARRENTED HORSE REMEDIES at the top and a list of his home remedies at the bottom including Gall Cure and Colic Cure.  There is minor wear to the painted surface due to exposure to the elements, but all the print is legible and displays very well.  The thermometer is present, but not working.  The original metal hanging ring is still attached to the reverse.  Directions for use is still printed on the reverse.  Nice example, ready to hang.

16 Dr. Daniels’ Window Card, “Don’t Try The Stranger”

Cardboard window card backing with a paper illustration applied.  The backing has a leather looking surface and is printed with:  DON’T TRY THE STRANGER / USE DANIELS’ QUALITY MEDICINES FOR YOUR DOG.  The image is of a dog camping trip with a late night poker game.  The “Hero” is holding four Aces, while the “Stranger” wins all the chips with a rare straight flush.  Image size is 16”x 12”.  Excellent condition. Currently framed in a nice wooden frame.

17 Dr. Daniels’ Window Card, “Win with Dr. Daniels”

Cardboard window card backing with a paper illustration applied.  So called “window cards” were placed in the window of stores selling Dr. Daniels’ medicines in an effort to bring customers into the store.  This example is printed: WIN WITH DR. DANIELS’ / FOR YOUR PETS.  The poker playing dogs are drinking their whisky and smoking their cigars.  This card has some water staining within the top and bottom margins and a small paper loss along the bottom of the illustration.  Currently framed in a nice wooden frame.

18 Dr. Daniels’ Dog and Cat Remedies Display Cabinet

Metal cabinet over two wooden shelves with a lithographed folding pediment. 20”x 14”x 5”. The folding lithographed pediment is in outstanding condition along with the two side panels. NOW THE BAD NEWS: The two hinged doors that once covered the shelves are missing. In addition, the front panel that originally showed a seated lady with her dog is severely damaged by rust. Please see many additional photos on the website. My opinion was that this cabinet shell could still be used to display your Dr. Daniels’ medicines since the pediment was in such great shape. It must have some value and you will determine that with your high bid.

19 Glover’s Dog Medicines Bulldog Printer’s Proof

Beautifully framed and matted printer’s proof of the Glover’s Bulldog.  This was the pre-cursor mach-up of what would become a die-cut, easel-back counter-top display made from cardboard. This was printed so the company could approve the colors prior to the display going into production.  I have only ever seen one example of the finished display, but I am aware of two surviving printer’s proofs. The one offered here and another currently in a veterinarian’s collection.  Image size is 14”x 17” with an overall framed size of 23”x 26”.  Near mint condition with intense colors and a dramatic looking Bulldog.  The medal hanging from his neck reads:  GLOVER’S IMPERIAL MANGE REMEDY.  Fantastic Glover’s Dog Medicine advertising

20 Dr. Hess Poultry PAN-A-CEA Poste

Very scarce poster from Dr. Hess & Clark of Ashland, Ohio.  18”x 24” and currently shrink wrapped.  Old fold lines are evident on very close inspection, but no damage is observed.  Colors are very strong overall.  Imagery of the hens pecking for seed in the snowy yard is outstanding.  The color illustration of the product package is a nice addition.  Dr. Hess looks a little intense, but maybe that was just his nature.  Posters from this company are pretty scarce and this is one I had not seen before.

21 Humphreys’ Remedies Ruby Glass Sign

Ruby glass, hanging advertising sign from the Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York.  The clear letters for “Humphreys’ Remedies” are surrounded for the ruby red glass.  The sign is in the original factory frame and has two hanging eyelets on the top edge.  Total size with the frame is 19 ½”x 9 ½”.  Back in 2015 we sold a similar ruby glass sign that also had a horse head in a circle image.  That was the first example I had ever seen, and it sold for an amazing $4300 plus the buyer’s fee.  This example is simpler but no less cool and interesting. Image this handing in your window with the sunlight streaming through the glass.  No idea where this one will end up, but we will start the bidding at only $300 and let it rise to its level.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

22 Dr. LeGear Celluloid Pinback Button

Celluloid button illustrating “Dr. LeGear / The King of Horses.”  He stood 21 hands tall and was extensively advertised as the “Giant Horse.”  1 ¼” diameter.  No damage to the celluloid.  This is the earlier of two versions put out by the company and the harder to find, especially in this near mint condition.

23 Dr. Lesure’s Veterinary Cough and Tonic Drops Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden crate with original lid from Dr. Lesure of Keene, New Hampshire.  6”x 6” x 7”.  Branded on one end panel.  ONE DOZ. / DR. LESURE’S / VETERINARY / COUGH AND TONIC DROPS / KEENE, N. H..  Great addition, especially with the lid.

24 Ricksecker’s Dog Soap Statue

Wonderful folk art statue of a Bulldog style dog having a short snout and cropped ears.  This was a point of purchase display piece, sitting on the counter, of a store selling Ricksecker Dog Soap.  The dog is made of chalk.  The dog has glass eyes and would date to about 1890-1910.  Most glass eyes were made in Germany and imported for toys and dolls.  At the start of World War I, the importation stopped with the war with Germany.  The paint looks original and has appropriate wear patterns.  He has minor wear along the edges of the base, but no significant damage.  He is quite impressive and for over 100 years of age he is holding up very well indeed.  10 ¼”x 5”x 5”.  Three-dimensional advertising figures for veterinary products are very rare and as such, add a great deal to any collection.  Imagine this fellow among a nice collection of dog soaps, what a display he would make.  A Ricksecker Dog Soap statue was included in the museum exhibition, PETS IN AMERICA, which traveled to various museums for over three years.  So, he is indeed, museum quality!!  Estimated at $1000-2000 with an opening bid of $300.

25 Sergeant’s Dog Medicine Metal Display Cabinet

Lithographed, metal cabinet from the Polk Miller Company of Richmond, Virginia.  They were and still are the makers of “Sergeant’s Dog Medicines.”  “Sergeant” was the name of Polk Miller’s favorite dog, so he named his medicine line after the dog.  14”x 13”x 7”.  This example shows two orphan puppies cuddled together looking forlorn and sad.  The slogan, printed to their left is, “NO MOTHER TO GUIDE THEM.”  Both sides have the advertising, ”The premier dog medicines for 50 years.”  This cabinet would date to the 1930’s.  The back of the cabinet has two doors, which open up into an interior used to store the medicines.  I would judge the condition as very good to excellent as the only damage is two screw holes on either side of the name, “Sergeant’s.”  This cabinet was obviously mounted on a wall with the image side hidden and the cabinet used for some type of storage.  This action saved the image from damage or fading from light exposure.  Displays great.  These are very scarce.  Based on the few previous sales, I would estimate it at $500-700.

26 Sal-Vet Watch Fob

Embossed metal watch fob and leather strap from the S. R. Feil Company of Cleveland.  Their brand name for veterinary remedies was “SAL-VET.”  The front is in the shape of a barrel with the Sal-Vet name and a group of farm animal heads in the center.  The reverse is embossed:  COMPLIMENTS OF / THE S. R. FEIL CO. / CLEVELAND OHIO / SAL-VET / WORM DESTROYER / CONDITIONER & DIGESTER / FOR ALL LIVE STOCK.  .  2 ¼”x 1 ½”.  A watch fob was attached to a pocket watch with the leather strap.  The watch went in the watch pocket of a vest and the “Fob” hung out to easily grasp the strap and pull out the watch.  Excellent condition.  An unusual veterinary company give-away item.

27 Snow’s Stock Tonic Barrel Lid

Wooden lid from a 250 pound barrel of Stock Food from the Old Home Veterinary Remedies Company of Canastota, New York.  Original metal pull ring is still in place.  Stencil is strong and bright.  An unusual piece from a hard to find company.

28 Wilbur Stock Food Company Poster

Framed advertising poster illustrating all the company department heads, the factory and of course all the medicine packages the company produced.  Several of the packages are Heave Cure, Pink Eye Cure, and Scratch Cure so we will date this to c1900.  There is some toning as you can see and some tears in the “Our References” section at the bottom.  If you like Wilbur’s medicines from Milwaukee, Wisconsin this will be a great go-with.  Image size is 25”x 13”.  The overall size with mat and frame is 37”x 21”.  Ready to hang.

29 Wilbur’s X-Ray Liniment Poster

Very scarce lithographed poster from the Wilbur Stock Food Company of Milwaukee.  I can find only one previous offering of this poster.  The image is of a horse having his shoulder treated with the liniment.  The word x-ray is printed in the beam from an x-ray machine.  This reinforces the penetrating power of this Liniment.  “It Penetrates Every Cord and Tendon.”  “IT WILL PENETRATE ANYTHING EVEN TO THE BONE.”  21”x 14” image size.  It is currently beautifully double matted and framed with an overall size of 28“x 21”.  The colors are as bright and intense as the day it was printed.  The condition is fantastic and looks to be in mint condition, however on VERY close inspection, some old fold lines are evident.  There is nothing that detracts the eye from this beautiful and scarce poster. Based on the selling price of other Wilbur’s posters, I’d estimate this at $1500-3000

30 Dr. Clayton’s, “Treatise on the Dog”

his is a 28 page booklet on dog diseases and ailments produced by G. W. Clayton of Chicago.  These is no date, but I believe this to be the very first edition of the booklet that was reprinted many times with different covers over the years.  One indication that this is very early, is the fact that he does not use the Dr. prefix before his name anywhere in this booklet.  Also, the back cover states that Clayton was sharing a office with Von Lengerke & Antoine who started a sporting goods business in 1891.  Mr. Clayton sold his dog cures there and was available between 1 and 3 pm daily for free consultations.  Lastly, after collecting veterinary booklet for almost 40 years, this is only the second copy of this booklet that I have seen.  Dr. Jeff Rothman had a copy in his collection that I obtained when he retired from collection.  Until this copy appeared for consignment, I believed my copy was possibly unique and early due to its rarity.  We usually do not but opening bids on paper ephemera, but I believe this booklet should sell in the $100 range and start the bidding at $50.00

31 Anti-Hog-Cholera Serum

Amber bottle with paper label from the Pitman-Moore Brand of Allied chemical of Kansas City.  Embossed with volume lines every 50 millimeters from 50 to 500 on the reverse   8”x 3”.  Early example of Serum to treat and prevent Hog Cholera. Label has wear as seen.

32 Dr. C. N. Barber’s Abortion Preventive

Unopened bottle with paper labels, paper insert and partial box from the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont.  6 ½”x 2 ½”x 2”.  Bottle retains the original paper cork cover, but contents have evaporated.  Used as an Abortion Preventive and Remedy for Barrenness in Cows.  Bottle and labels are in excellent condition.  The top paper cover is toned but complete.  The box is missing most of the top 1/3rd but this is a rare survivor and the only example to be recorded.  Please check out the scarce Dr. Barber metal display cabinet included in the advertising section of this catalog.

33 Dr. C. N. Barber’s Colic Remedy

Unopened bottle with paper label and cork cover, evaporated contents, glass dose cup, and box from the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont.  Bottle is 3 ½”x 1 ¼”x 1”.  Bottle is mint condition.  Box is lightly toned and has top flaps torn off but present.

34 Dr. C. N. Barber’s Physic Capsules

Unopened box with contents from the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont.  Directions are pretty vague as to what you're treating with this remedy.  “Give one capsule by mouth every night and morning until relieved.”  Are you relieved or the horse?  3”x 3”x 1”.  Excellent condition.  I have recorded two previous offering of this medicine, but I believe this is at least one, if not both of the previous examples.  Certainly one of their rarest Dr. Barber medicines to find.

35 Dr. C. N. Barber’s Veterinary Remedy for Diarrhea in Calves

Cardboard slide open box with contents from the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont.  4”x 4” x 2 ½”.  The bottom and side have some water staining and bubbling of the cardboard.  The front has some minor toning and wear, but displays pretty well. Uncommon medicine for Calves only.

36 B. B. Veterinary Liniment

Bottle with paper label from BB Veterinary Remedies of Reading, Pennsylvania.  Produced by a local druggist named B. S. Bergey.  7 ¼”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”.  Never seen another medicine from this company, so this one is unique so far.  Paper label extend to three sides and has a little damage to the sides.  Front is excellent.  Labeled to Cure lameness in horses, but has the 1906 Drug Act disclaimer which prevents the use of the word cure in advertising.  I guess Bergey didn’t get the memo.  The logo is the PA. Keystone in red with white print.  Previously unreported veterinary remedy company.  This was purchased by the consigner in VCR auction March 2009.  No other example from this company have surfaced since that time.

37 Dr. Bell’s Distemper and Cough Powders

Unopened box with contents from the Dr. Bell Wonder Medicine Company Alexander Bay, New York and Kingston, Ontario.  6”x 3”x 1 ½”.  Used for relief of Heaves in Horses.  Good color and graphics.  Some tape repair to a bulging seam on the reverse.

38 Barker’s Horse & Cattle Medicinal Powder

Unopened cardboard box from the Barker, Moore, and Mein Company of Philadelphia.  8”x 5”x 2 ½”.  “AN APPETIZER AND TONIC.”  Very good condition overall with bright color.

39 Barker’s Lice Powder for Poultry

Unopened cardboard box from the Barker, Moore, and Mein Company of Philadelphia. 8”x 5”x 2 ½”. Excellent condition.

40 Bickmorine Powder, FREE SAMPLE

Unopened cardboard canister with paper labels on the top, bottom and side from the Bickmore Company of Old Town, Maine.  “AN ANTISEPTIC DRESSING FOR HEALING WOUNDS AND SORES UPON ANIMALS.”  1 ¾”x ¼”.  The consigner purchased this FREE SAMPLE from our 2005 auction, and I have not recorded another example since that time.  This auction contains a nice selection of FREE SAMPLES.  Add one to your collection.

41 Bickmore Gall Cure

Tin with paper labels on top and bottom.  No contents.  From the Bickmore Company of Old Town, Maine.  Labels are spotted, but surprisingly this is the only Gall Cure tin to be reported at auction since 2010.  2 ½”x 1”.  The Gall Salve examples are very common, however the Gall Cure tin is very uncommon.

42 Dr. Brown’s Horse Liniment

Unopened bottle with contents, paper label, insert, and box from the Brown Chemical Company in Nashville, Tennessee.  8”x 2 ½”x 1 ¼”.  Bottle and label are excellent.  Box has top flaps torn off but is otherwise excellent.  Display’s great.  “THIS CELEBRATED HORSE LINIMENT QUICKLEY RELEIVES AND CURES SPAVIN, SPLINT, WINDGALLS…”

43 Chicure Roup Cure, FREE SAMPLE

Tiny, wooden canister with a paper label from the King Remedy Company of Rochester, New York.  This tiny free sample is a miracle survivor at just 1 ½”x ¼”.  Add the contents of this canister to a gallon of water to produce this Roup Cure.  Excellent condition.  We sold this to the consigner in 2008 and have not recorded another example before or after that auction.  Unique?

44 Dr. Claris Fever Medicine

Unopened embossed bottle with paper labels, contents and BOX from the Dr. Claris Veterinary Hospital of Buffalo, New York.  6”x 2 ¼”x 1 ½”.  Very colorful paper label on the front illustrated Dr. Claris’ twin horses that pulled his traveling wagon.  Embossed:  DR. J. T. CLARIS V. S. // BUFFALO, N. Y. Box is missing three top flaps and has a dark stain on the reverse.  While we have recorded five (5) Fever Medicines with labels over the years, THIS IS THE ONLY EXAMPLE EVER RECORDED WITH A BOX.  Consigner purchased this in the May 1998 VCR auction.  All previous examples have sold for several hundred dollars indicating this company’s interest among the collecting community.

45 Dr. Claris Kronkine

Embossed bottle with paper labels from the Dr. Claris Veterinary Hospital of Buffalo, New York.    7 ½”x 3”x 2”.  Embossed:  DR. CLARIS / VETERINARY HOSPITAL // JOHN T. CLARIS V. S./ 625, 627,629 CLINTON ST. BUFFALO, N. Y.  Both front and back labels show wear as you can see.  Claris medicines are so scarce that this is still a collectible example to add to your Dr. Claris display cabinet.

46 Dr. Claris Physic Balls:

Cardboard box with on one of four original Physic Balls from the Dr. Claris Veterinary Hospital of Buffalo, New York.  5”x 3”x 1”.  Directions read, “to use when a Physic Ball is indicated.”  Pretty vague!!  Condition is excellent with just some minor expected wear and one small scuff to the lid.  The consigner purchased this item from out VCR auction in May 1998 and we have not seen or recorded another example since that time.

47 Dr. Claris Veterinary Salve

Unopened, early screw top jar with original contents, and wrap around paper label from the Dr. Claris Veterinary Hospital of Buffalo, New York.  3 ½”x 2 ½”.  “one of the most valuable remedies for Scratches, Cracked, and Greasy Heel.  This is the second example I have recorded in 27 years.  We sold the first example in 2003 and have not seen another example since that time.  The wrap around paper label looks to have been slightly offset when glued to the jar along with a few minor dings.  Guaranteed to be original. As they say, “find another.”

48 Dr. Claris White Healing Powder

Lithographed tin from the Dr. Claris Veterinary Hospital of Buffalo, New York.  No contents.  4 ¼”x 2”.  Reverse has illustration of Dr. Claris’ hospital.  Lid advertises their Eastern Branch hospital in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Condition of this tin is NEAR MINT with just some along the left side.  Tin is shiny and crisp.  Only two examples have ever been recorded, one is ’08 brought $400 and one is ’17 brought $625.  This tin is one of those previous offerings.  Rare tin, desirable maker, and unimprovable condition.  Don’t miss this one.

49 Clayton’s Mange or Skin Cure

Unopened bottle with paper label, contents and box from Dr. George Clayton of Chicago.  6 ¾”x 2 ½”x 1 ¾”.  An extremely rare and possibly unique dog cure.  This example was purchased by the consigner from the McMurray Drug Store auction in 2012 for $300.00.  It was at that time, the only example anyone had ever seen and as far as I know, no other examples have ever surfaced.  Label has an added 1906 Drug Act disclaimer even while the label boldly proclaims this as a CURE.  Label is in excellent condition.  The box is a paper wrapper over cardboard and while the red Saint Bernard logo has faded with time, this is still a very impressive package.

50 Clayton’s KILFLEA Powder

Lithographed, shaker style tin with a twist top from Dr. George Clayton of Chicago.  The top of the oval tin reads:  CLAYTON DOG REMEDIES.  4 ½”x 2 ¼”x 1 ¾”.  Used to rid Dogs, Cats, and Birds of Fleas and Lice.  Big red logo Bulldog on the front panel.  Excellent condition with only minimal handling wear.  Tin has no objectionable scratches of damage to the paint, however there is one dent in the front panel.  Scarce and desirable Flea Powder tin with a great look.