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September 12th, 2020
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01 Barker Powder Sign

This is an extremely early, sign lithographed on fabric.  It was produced by the Barker, Moore, and Mein Company of Philadelphia.  The image is quite dramatic, showing a steam locomotive passing over a stone bridge.  The horses and other livestock are obviously spooked by the loud sounds of the train, perhaps the engineer blew his whistle.  The white horse is the centerpiece, as his head is thrown back and his eyes have a look of panic.  All the other animals are making a run for it.  We can date this canvas very closely. The earliest examples of this poster (pre-1885) only had “HORSE & CATTLE” in the name.  Sometime between 1885 and 1889 the name was changed with the addition of “POULTRY.” The poster size is 28”x 23”.  One unique aspect of this poster, in my experience is the use to wooden hanging rods at the top and bottom.  There are two metal hanging attachments on the back of the top bar in addition to an original string tie that could be used to roll the poster up and secure it.  I would suspect this is one of the earliest examples due to these additions.  So, let’s say it’s more or less 130 years old.  As I noted earlier, this is a lithograph on woven fabric to imitate an oil painting.  It was produced by the company of Theo Leonhardt & Son of Philadelphia.  A detailed history of the Leonhardt company can be found online.  CONDITION:  The fabric backing has held the entire poster together with just a small tear in the lower right corner with no loss of the image.  About four inches of the bottom edge of the canvas from the right end, has detached from the wooden rod and has been supported with archival tape.  The poster has nail holes in each corner and one above the “K” in Barker’s.  The colors are muted from age and there is evidence of damp stain, mostly on the reverse.  With all that said about the condition, I would still call this excellent condition for something of this age.  How many of these can possible have survived in any condition?  PLUS, this is the only example of ANY Barker’s poster that I have seen with these wooden rods.  A true survivor.  Shipping may require a little extra packing.

02 Barker Liniment Crate

Dove tailed wooden shipping crate with original lid from the Barker, Moore, and Mein Company of Philadelphia.  Lid has 1906 Drug Act guarantee printed on it.  8”x 8”x 5 ½”.  Some damage to the wooden guides for the lid, otherwise excellent.  Branded on one side only.  Brand is strong and bold.

03 Bickmore Gall Cure Photo

Vintage photograph showing four men standing beside an early truck with Bickmore’s Gall Cure advertising on the side.  The reverse has been written “1st BICKMORE AUTOMOBILE 1915.”  The four men are identified from left to right as, Carl Merrill, Edward Keitto, Parker Bickmore, and Jesse Gray.  8”x 6 ¼”.  Fantastic image documenting the transition of a patent medicine salesman from horse and wagon to the automobile.

04 Bickmore Gall Cure Box

Box used to ship a dozen Gall Cure tins from the Bickmore Company of Old Town, Maine.  This box retains seven (7) tins, some with original paper wrapping, but these are Gall Salve tins and not Gall Cure as the box would lead you to believe.  11”x 8 ½”x 1 ½”.  Some of the box seams have separated and have been supported with archival tape, to keep the integrity of the box intact.  While Gall Salve boxes are fairly common, early Gall Cure boxes, such as this, at quite rare.

05 Black Draught Wallet

Bi-fold cloth wallet from the Chattanooga Medicine Company advertising their Thedford’s Black Draught Stock Medicine for Stock and Poultry.  5 ¾”x 3 ½” when folded.  The reverse is advertising Wine of Cardui for “Woman’s Relief.”  Rare and unusual Southern veterinary advertising give-away and the first example we have recorded.  Condition is used but not abused. Some wear but no damage.

06 Brown Healer Cabinet

Extremely rare glass front veterinary display cabinet for Brown’s Horse Healer from the Boulevard Electric Treatment Company of East Barnet, Vermont.  Cabinet has a very fancy pediment that is stenciled with a RUNNING HORSE and BROWN’S HORSE HEALER.  The door has been stenciled:  CURES / GALLS, CUTS, SCRATCHES, MUD FEVER, / THRUSH AND ALL SORES, ALSO REMOVES PROUD FLESH / MAN OR BEAST.  The cabinet has one interior shelf and a hook and eye closure on the left side.  22”x 10”x 5” including pediment.  Included with this lot is a labeled bottle for Brown’s Horse Healer, plus there are two other medicines, a tin and another bottle, listed in the patent medicine section of this catalog.  Condition:  At some point it its life this cabinet was painted yellow and the pediment was detached, reversed and reattached to the cabinet.  There is yellow paint on the reverse of the pediment and on the bottom edge.  The stenciled side of the pediment (the front) was never altered and retains the original alligatored finish.  The front door was later gently scraped of the yellow paint to uncover the original stenciling.  There are still specks of this yellow paint on the door frame.  The yellow paint still exists on the sides and top of the cabinet.  When the cabinet was scraped, the pediment was replaced in its original configuration with some glue and a nail inside the cabinet.  When I received the cabinet for consignment, the nail was holding up the pediment.  The pediment is UNDAMAGED and just needs to be re-glued to the top.  Not being a wood worker or very handy, I have not attempted any repairs.  The cabinet displays just fine as is and you would never know the pediment was not glued down without close inspection.  I have seen one other Brown’s Horse Healer cabinet in a collection and I have been told of another, so this is possibly the third example overall and the first and only example I have ever recorded.  PLUS:  I had never recorded any medicine from this company, while the consigner over the years had found the three examples that are offered today.  If you have ANY questions about this delightfully small and dainty cabinet, please contact me before the last day of bidding.  Because of its rarity, I would estimate this at $1200-2000. Open at $500.

07 Claris Cabinet

Wooden, glass front country store cabinet from Dr. John Claris of Buffalo, New York.  Dr. Claris medicines are some the most highly sought by collectors due to their beautiful graphic labels.  This cabinet is perfect for displaying your Dr. Claris medicines or any other items from your collection.          28”x 20”x 8”.  The facing of the front door has had the lettering carved into the wood.  This reads: DR CLARIS / VETERINARY / MEDICINES / BUFFALO, NY.  The cabinet is original, but it has issues.  It is missing the original pediment, lock and key, and the wooden knob has been added.  Many stores did remove cabinet pediments so the top of the cabinet could be used as display space for signs and other items.  The original surface has been stripped and the wood is in need of several coats of wood revitalizer. With a little love, the look of this cabinet would be greatly enhanced.  Excellent condition examples of Dr. Claris’ cabinets have consistently sold in the $1200-1400 range.  This example will sell to your high bid

08 Claris Liniment Jug

One gallon stoneware jug from Dr. John Claris, V. S. of Buffalo, NY.  Jug is stenciled:  ONE GALLON / LINIMENT / DR. CLARIS, / VETERINARY HOSPITAL / BUFFALO, N.Y.  11 ½”x 6 ¾”.  Jug is essentially as made, with one tiny chip on the spout lip and some wear to the ridge where the white glaze meets the brown glaze.  Some sealed lines and crazing to the glaze is all, “in the making” and considered original.  All Claris items are always in demand.  Great display item and attention getter.  Dr. Claris’ veterinary medicine jugs are always in demand, so start this at $100.

09 Clark & Clark Stoneware Jug

One gallon, salt glazed, stoneware jug.  The origin of this rare jug is clearly stenciled on the front in cobalt blue lettering: FROM THE / LABORATORIES OF / DRS. CLARK & CLARK / THE VETERINARIANS / CANISTOTA, SO. DAK.  Information on these veterinarians can be found in the September 2012 VCR newsletter. They were a father and son team.  The son, Winfield Clark was born in 1898 in Canistota, population about 300.  This jug is c1920 and probably contained a horse liniment or some other horse medicine.  11”x 6 ½”.  The only damage is a shallow, flat chip to the bottom edge.  This is the second example to ever be recorded at auction.  The first was in the Rothman collection sold in 2014.

10 Cooper's Sheep Dipping Powder Sign

Very colorful paper sign that has been laid down on cardboard from Cooper & Nephew of Chicago.  They made sheep dip and later the small animal line of Pulvex Flea powders and dog and cat flea soap.  11”x 9”.  Lightly creased across the middle and some very, very minor paper loss along the bottom edge.  Bright and colorful overall and displays great.  We seldom see sheep related veterinary advertising, so this is for you sheep herders out there.

11 Calves Cordial Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden crate from the Our Husbands Company of Lyndon, Vermont.  Used to treat Scours in calves and cows.  14”x 6 ½”x 8”.  Strongly branded on two sides.  It was opened from the bottom, so the original lid is intact with the shipping information stenciled on the top, while the bottom is missing.  This actually makes it easier to stack this with other crates.  Excellent condition.

12 Dr. Daniels' Calendar 1915

Framed calendar from the store of R. A. Campbell in Adamant, Vermont advertising Dr. Daniels’ medicines.  The advertising reads: “We carry a full line of Dr. A. C. Daniel’s Famous Veterinary Remedies for Home Treatment of HORSES, CATTLE, DOGS, CATS and other animals.”  The full calendar pad is from 1915.  The image of a young girl on a horse is captioned, “On Old Dobbins.”  11 ¼”x 16” framed size.  Light stain at the staples of the pad, otherwise excellent.

13 Dr Daniels' Calendar 1924

Framed calendar from the store of Emmett Carter of Spring Lake, New York.  The calendar is from 1924 and starts with the month of February.  The advertising related to Dr. Daniels’ is just below the illustration.  It reads: “DR. A. C. DANIELS’ MEDICINES / FOR / HORSES, COWS, DOGS, CATS, AND POULTRY.”  The illustration of two English Setters is captioned, “AN EXPERIENCED PAIR.”  Nicely framed and matted with an overall size of 20”x 17”. No damage.

14 Dr. Daniels' Dog Medicines Window Card

“Window Cards” are an advertising display genre that consists of a heavy cardboard backboard that is printed with company information and, typically a slogan to catch your eye.  The center portion of the window card has a generic image, printed on paper that is then glued onto the center of the card.  In this case, the backboard reads “Dr. A C. Daniels Dog Medicine / IS THE WINNER OVER THEM ALL.  20”x 14”.  Simply said, THIS CARD IS FANTASTIC!!  The image is captioned, “Higher Education” and has a team of Bulldogs playing football against a team of what today would look like Border Collies.  The Bulldogs are wearing leather pants and the Collie’s leather helmets.  A Bulldog with the football in his mouth is going around right end headed for the goal line with a blocker in front.  The defensive end Collie is attempting to cut the runner off, but he has one Bulldog biting him in the side and another about to bite him from his blind side.  Another Collie, in the end zone is on his side with one Bulldog attached to this foot and other biting his side.  His tongue is out, and his eyes are rolled up, like he has had enough.  Those Bulldogs are a mean bunch.  This is the ONLY example of this image and window card I have ever seen or heard about.  In my mind, it is arguably the BEST Dr. Daniels’ window card of all time and probably unique.  There are two bug holes along the right edge of the cardboard that are easily framed out and the image has been glued to the backboard at an angle.  That’s it.  The only possible comparative I could find was a Daniels’ window card of dogs playing baseball that was sold in a Morford Advertising Auction in 2000 that brought $925.  That is the record for a Daniels’ window card. I have sold several desirable cards in the $300-700 range.  My estimate is $750-$1500 but I will be sorely disappointed if this outstanding card does not set a new record.  SOLD WITHOUT RESERVE.

15 Dr. Daniels' Medicated Dog and Puppy Bread Calendar

Just when I convinced you I was offering the Best Ever Daniels’ window card, now I’m offering perhaps the most desirable Dr. Daniels’ calendar.  Desirable to at least every dog lover.  I have seen this calendar in the consigner’s collection for at least 25 years and finally have the opportunity to bring it to you for sale.  This calendar has a 1913 pad.  It has the original metal hanging strips at the top and bottom and is currently shrink-wrapped.  There are some minor unobtrusive creases, not folds, a few fly specks and the calendar pad is showing August 1913.  The image of a young girl in a huge red hat is holding out a Dr. Daniels’ Dog Bread biscuit for the Cocker Spaniel while the wily terrier is going for the entire Dog Bread box behind her back.  20 ½”x 14”.  Great color and illustration, especially for the dog lover.  To my current knowledge, this is a unique offering.  This one does not need any hype, it speaks for itself.  My estimate is $1000-$2000+.  Open it at $500 with no further reserve.

16 Dr Daniels' Tin Front Display Cabinet

I have always called this the first variation of Dr. Daniels’ tin front cabinets.  It has two distinctive features, first the wooden cabinet has a carved vine-like feature down the side panels and second, the medicines listed at the bottom of the front panel lack Physic Balls and Witch Hazel that are listed on the second variant cabinets.  The colors on the front panel of this cabinet are as bright as any example I have seen in many years.  The red color, which is often faded, just pops off the panel.  There are scattered paint chips on the tin’s corners and in Dr. Daniels’ mustache. The cabinet has had a wooden knob added to the door, probably when the key to the lock was lost.  Also, the interior of the cabinet has the original stencil on the back wall proclaiming ownership by Dr. Daniels and not for use for displaying any other company’s medicines.  21”x 6 ½”x 26 ½”.  The overall POP of the color and shine really makes this cabinet display exceedingly well.  The last first variant cabinet we sold in comparable condition was in 2014 and brought $2900.  Open at $1000.

17 Dr. Daniels' San Painted Wooden Sign

Classic, all-original wooden sign advertising Dr. Daniels’ Veterinary Medicines of Boston.  These signs hung outside stores to bring in customers for his horse and dog remedies.  We call these “sand painted” because sand or ground glass was added to the paint to help the sign endure the weather.  The blue lettering and background have a gritty, sandpaper feel to it, while the white lettering and background does not.  The sign and frame are all original.  This example is much larger than most Dr. Daniels’ signs of this type as it stands an impressive 48”x 32”. It is also unusual as it has additional advertising for another product on the sign.  In this case it is advertising for Goodnow Harness Oil.  The C. F. Goodnow Company of Philadelphia was the largest distributor of Dr. Daniels’ medicines in the country.  There remains a partial shipping label on the back of this sign stating that the sign was shipped from C. F. Goodnow to M. L. Ruggles of Alderson, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  This is an area encompassing Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, and Dallas, Pennsylvania.  Mr. Ruggles had his store in Alderson and lived in Pike’s Creek, neither exist today as communities.  Mr. Ruggles was also the treasurer of the Lake & Lehman Telephone Company in 1904.  This sign has AUTHENTIC wear as you would expect from something that hung outside for years but is still bright, well put together, and displays extremely well. The makers of the sign were the Cross Paint and Sign Company of Chicago who signed their name in the lower right corner. Overall, a solid, original example of a very desirable Dr. Daniels’ sign.  It is seldom that an artifact, such as this comes with so much original history so that it can be traced from its origin to its destination.  Note: in addition, the consigner found a real photo post card that shows a Dr. Daniels’ sign, just like this one, hanging on the side of a building. The card is unused, so we don’t have a town or date for it.  I estimate it at $1500-2500. Open at $500.

18 Dr. Daniels' Veterinary Medicine Tip Tray

Lithographed metal tray with a scalloped edge.  Trays such as this were placed in bars and restaurants for the patrons to leave a monetary tip for their server.  Dr. Daniels’ used this form of advertising to promote his Veterinary Medicines.  The image in the center is commonly called “the three white horses,” but is a copy of a famous painting by James Herring Sr. named “Pharaoh’s Horses.” It was painted in 1848.  4 ½” diameter.  The condition of this tray is near mint with a condition score of 9+ out of 10.  It is clean and bright.  It has the tiniest marks at the “D” in Daniels’ and the “AR” in Veterinary.  The central image is, I hesitate to say, perfect.  Certainly, this is the finest example I have ever sold.  Excellent examples have sold, in the past, in the $300-600 range.  WE will start the bidding at $100 and let you determine the final price.  This is a classic, iconic Dr. Daniels’ veterinary give-away item that can not be improved.

19 Dr. Eddy's Horse and Cattle Powder Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden crate used to transport and sell the bulk powder from Dr. William W. Eddy.  Paper labels are glued to one end panel on the crate.  One label says that a measuring cup is included in the crate.  That leads me to speculate that this held bulk powder and not individual boxes.  Crate still has the original hinged lid.  The town is not printed on the labels, so location is unknown.  16”x 11”x 11 ½”.

20 Professor Flint's Horse and Cattle Renovated Powder Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden crate with original slide lid from the Dr. B. J. Kendall Company of Enosburg Falls, Vermont.  9”x 6”x 6 ½”.  Branded on two sides.  Once held one dozen of the half pound packages.  Strong branding.  Excellent condition.

21 Professor Flint's Horse Powder Sign

Paper strip sign, 23 ½”x 6”, from the Dr. B. J. Kendall Company of Enosburg Falls, Vermont.  Old fold lines are evident but appears to be intact and original.  Currently under shrink-wrap.

22 Foutz's Horse and Cattle Powder Sign

Large, die-cut lithographed sign from David E. Foutz, a merchant in Baltimore, Maryland.  The outstanding sign has an original tombstone shape and is currently nicely framed and double matted.  The image size is 24”x 18” while the overall size is 35”x 29”.  c1880.  This HIGHLY detailed pastoral scene has it all. In the foreground four horses are being herded across a bridge with a red sign reading, “FOUTZ’S / HORSE & CATTLE POWDERS.  A few hogs are rooting under the bridge.  In the background, cattle are in and around a shallow river that meanders along.  As far as I can tell, the sign is in near mint to mint condition. I see no damage, but I have not examined it out of the frame.  I have a much smaller example of this sign, with the same shape and imagery.  This is the only example of this MUCH larger size that I have seen. Great things don’t need much of a description and that is what you have here.  It might sound crazy but if you sit and look at this sign for a while, it seems to have a calming effect.  Ask any questions you have. Estimate is $2000-4000+. Open it at $1000. As for shipping, last auction I shipped another smaller and lighter, framed sign with Fed-Ex. The packaging and shipping for that sign cost $173.  Pick up or deliver would be advised.

23 Fuller Pharmacy Horse and Cattle Metal Sign

Painted metal sign of the type put up on the outskirts of town describing services available in the town.  This is by the Fuller Pharmacy was from Bellows Falls & E. Chester, Vermont.  36”x 12”.  The folky image of a horse head is the big draw with this sign.  As this type of sign was nailed to fences, barns and trees along the road, they were not meant to survive.  As such, this sign c1920-30 has what we call authentic wear.  It has nail holes, a couple of small caliber bullet holes and rust loss to the right lower corner.  This is just the type of folky sign that has cross-over appeal to a lot of collecting groups.  The consigner purchased this from our VCR Auction in 1999 for $250 and has enjoyed it hanging in his collection since that time.  With today’s collecting interested geared toward this sign, I expect he will realize a profit.

24 Franklin's Backleg Bacterin Celluloid Hanging Sign

Celluloid sign with cardboard back and original metal hanging chain from an “AUTHORIZED DEALER” of O. M. Franklin veterinary products.  9”x 6”.  Sign is marked by the maker, Cruver MFG Co., Chicago.  Sign is in excellent condition with no cracks or crazing of the celluloid.

25 Gombault's Caustic Balsam Sign

Lithographed paper sign using the image of famous race horse, “John R. Gentry” to advertise Gombault’s Caustic Balsam.  Positioned to the left of the horse is an image of the Gombault label used as a horse blanket hanging on the fence.  This sign is currently framed and double matted.  The overall size is 19”x 16”.  The only damage seen is a short tear up from the bottom and ending beside the “C” in Caustic.  The image is otherwise clean and bright.  It’s ready to go on the wall.  Gombault’s Caustic Balsam was produced as a horse Blister and Counter-Irritant by the Lawrence Company of Cleveland, Ohio for almost a 100 years. As a historical note, “John Gentry” was foaled in Wichita, Kansas in 1889.  His nickname was “The Little Red Horse.”  He set the paced mile record for a Standardbred of 2:00 ½ in 1896 in South Portland, Maine.  He was elected to the Harness Racing Hall of Fame in 1955.

26 Gile's Liniment Flyer

Framed flyer advertising Giles & Company’s Liniment of the Iodide of Ammonia.  8 ¾”x 10 ¾” framed size.  Laboratory was in Mount Vernon, New York.  “A VETERINARY SURGEON IN EVERY STABLE.”  Some light stains.

27 Humphreys' Barnyard Cabinet

Country store wooden cabinet with a lithographed tin front panel from the Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York.  The top image shows all the various livestock that you would expect to find on a farm, and is the reason this cabinet is commonly called, “THE BARNYARD SCENE.”  The really sweet part of the scene, that most people miss, is the Queen and her three kittens, placed just below the dog and horse images.  29”x 20 ½”x 6 ½”.  This style cabinet USUALLY, suffers from flaking and paint loss.  This cabinet is no exception as you can see.  The animal scene is primarily intact with good color.  The majority of the flaking is in the sky above the animals.  The red lettering in the name is surprisingly clean, bright, and devoid of flaking.  Overall, the lettering on the entire panel is intact and the flaking is almost entirely on the background.  The panel does have a few scrapes.  The wooden cabinet is a Humphreys Homeopathic cabinet, but I suspect it was originally made for Humphreys’ Human products.  It is NOT the Humphreys cabinet I would expect to see with this tin.  Most likely, this is a marriage between a Veterinary tin and a Human style Humphreys’cabinet.  The condition issues will make this cabinet available to the budget minded collector.  It is a desirable tin and does display well as is.  Your high bid gives this cabinet a new home.

28 Humphreys' Stable Case

Wooden box with paper label inside the lid which describes all of the different Humphreys’ Veterinary Remedies that would have filled this stable case.  Case has two hook and eye closures on the front.  It does have the original lock and key.  Original finish on the box is still in good shape. It has the original engraved name plaque but is missing the top handle.  The paper label has general toning.  Box is 9 ½”x 6”x 6”.  Lot also includes six Humphreys’ Remedies.  You get two (2) A. A. for Convulsions; F. F. for Colic; (2) H. H. for Kidney Disease and I. I. for Eruptions of the Skin.  All the bottles are embossed with the horse head.  Labels vary from good to poor.

29 International Stock Food Poster 9 Pheno-Chloro

Large style poster that is currently very nicely framed.  The image size is 28”x 21”.  The central image is a giant can of Pheno-Chloro, a disinfectant, antiseptic, and germicide produced by the company.  The poster is surrounded by 24 illustrated and identified pests to animals.  The corners purport to show germs and microbes that the product also kills including Cholera and Diphtheria.  THE SURE GERM DISTROYER.  The condition overall is great, just a couple of minor edge tears, small stains, and some fly specks.  Colors are outstanding, crisp and bright.  I had an example of this poster hanging in my waiting room for over 25 years, waiting for someone to complain about the bugs, but it never happened.  The only sale I have recorded happened on eBay in 2016 when an example sold for $250.  Frame is worth $100 so let’s start there.

30 International Stock Foods Poster 14 Worm Powder

Large style poster that is currently very nicely framed and double matted.  The image size is 28”x 21” and the overall size is 38”x 31”.  As for condition issues, there is a tiny paper loss in the lower right corner testimonial.  The poster was obviously matted very close to the poster’s edge as a small portion of the right edge has worked its way out over the years and has caused a little waviness to the paper in the area.  This IS NOT DAMAGE, but it would look better it this was smoothed out or if the poster was archivally mounted on linen.  Those are the only criticisms I can come up with.  The image here is obviously a sick horse filled with worms.  He is leaning of a box of International Worm Powder, which should fix him right up.  The cut away illustration of his abdomen shows his stomach and intestines filled with bots and worms.  The red and black background is also filled with worms. There are long worms holding up the caption and banner across the bottom.  The colors are immaculate.  There are two variations of this poster and at least two sizes.  I sold a slightly smaller example with the same imagery in 2016 for $3200.  The opening bid will be $1000.  Shipping cost could be several $$$.  Pick up or delivery could be arranged.

31 International Stock Foods Poster 38 Hog Fattener

This is another LARGE FORMAT Poster with a size of 28”x 21” showing a huge black hog eating corn cobs. This image is related to the testimonial from a farmer in Bennington, Kansas that is printed at the bottom of this poster.  It seems Mr. Ostrander wanted to test the effectiveness of International Stock Food for himself.  He purchased the “scrubbiest pig I could find.”  “This little runt was eight months old and weighed ten pounds and was the worst looking specimen of a runt you ever saw.”  BUT after eating ISF for eight months she weighted 500 pounds.  The poster has been professionally mounted on artist board and has had the old fold lines in the poster smoothed out.  They really did an excellent job.  The fold lines are reduced.  There is paper separation apparent at a fold line in the testimonial section of the poster, one edge tear in the lower right just into the blue of the border, and one pinhead size paper loss in the blue below the “FOR” in the header.  Overall it is BIG, BRIGHT, and BOLD, just like the hog in the image.  It is framed in a modern black frame.  The consigner purchased this in our auction of 2013 for $100.  Sold to the high bidder this time.

32 International Stock Food Poster 92 White hog eating from bucket

Smiling or laughing hog is eating his ISF right out of the bucket.  13”x 9”.  Several livestock heads are incorporated into the graphics of the margin.  The colors are very strong, especially the reds.  No hint of color fading.  The border has been cut down slightly into the image on the left edge.  Matting and framing would really make this classic image pop.

33 International Stock Food poster 94 Hog with Tuba

This poster reminds me of the pied piper as the hog with a tuba is calling all the little pigs to follow him to the bucket of International Stock Food with his song.  13 ½”x 9 ½”.  Advertised as a great Hog Tonic and Hog Cholera preventative.  Condition is excellent with good margins and no tears. It does have one center horizontal crease that is not very evident.  Looks like it was never folded.  A desirable image and much better than the typical ISF hog posters.  Opening bid $50.

34 International Stock Food Poster 122 Girl with Hog

Young girl is petting her pet hog, a 721# monster Hog that grew on ISF every day.  10”x 13 ½” overall.  Dated 1908, testimonial tells of farmer’s seven year old daughter that nursed the pig on a bottle for one week then started ISF.  Now at 14 months it’s weight is 721 pounds.  Very strong colors but does have paper loss to the left upper corner.  Matting and framing will bring your eye to this strong illustration.

35 International Stock Food Poster 68 Hog Family Marching

This is a small format poster Illustrating the anthropomorphic hog family dressed in their Sunday finest.  Father hog has two buckets of ISF on his shoulders. He with mother hog and all the piglets are marching down the road home.  13”x 8”.  The poster was old fold lines, cut down borders, and long ago laid on old wallpaper to preserve it.  A much better condition example of this poster sold in our last auction for $450, thus bringing out this example for consignment.  If you liked this image and were outbid in the last sale, here is a second opportunity for a bargain.

36 International Stock Food Poster 226

This is small format poster, 11”x 8”.  The subject matter is a horse and cow, in the barn, trying to get to the bucket of International Stock Food.  The white hog in the background is trying to climb over the Dutch door to get his share.  It has three vertical creases where it was folded and mailed in an advertising envelope and is unfortunately missing the left lower corner.  We sold an example of this poster in 2016 for $625.  Here is another example where a great image can be had for a bargain price.

37 International Stock Food Color Medicine Illustration

This is single page illustration of all the packages of their medicines and stock food.  8”x 11”.  Other than the paper loss to the border at the lower right corner, the color and images are excellent.  No fold lines.  Framed, this would make a nice go-with for your collection of ISF medicines.

38 Dr Lesure's Worm Annihilator Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden crate with original slide lid from Dr. J. G. Lesure of Keene, New Hampshire.  8 ½”x 8 ½”x 8 ½”.  Branded on one end panel.  Once held one dozen Worm Annihilator packages.  This must be a rare crate as this is the first example I have recorded in 27 years of record keeping.

39 Dr Myers Veterinary Medicine Sign

Cardboard sign from Dr. Willis Myers & Company of Wenona, Illinois with a list of all veterinary medicines he produced.  22 ½”x 9”.  Edge wear and one vertical crease about three inches from the right end.

40 Merchant's Gargling Oil Sign

Very early, c1870 lithographed sign for Merchant’s Gargling Oil from the Merchant’s Gargling Oil Company of Lockport, New York.  Gargling Oil was first developed in the 1833 to treat Galls on horses that were pulling barges along the Erie Canal.  It was the first mass produced and sold veterinary patent medicine.  As this sign suggests, it was later deemed good for humans as well.  It was lithographed by Clay, Cossack & Company of Buffalo, New York, one of the leading lithography companies in America at the time.  The image of three horses, drinking from a stone trough is very detailed and colorful.  Image size is 20 ½”x 13”.  There are some minor edge creases and a couple of vertical “shadows” where this poster was originally in a wooden backed frame and the contact with the wood effected the paper.  This could be improved with archival restoration, but it does not really distract.  I mention it for completeness.  You be the judge.  It is currently nicely matted and framed and looks great just the way it is.  We sold a smaller variation of this sign last year for $1800 so let’s start this one at $300 and see if the last underbidder still has an interest.

41 Perfection Dog Food Company Calendar 1925

Given away by the Perfection Dog Food Company of Battle Creek, Michigan.  Advertising for the company is printed in the lower right corner.  This calendar print is in the genre of the Poker Playing Dogs.  In this illustration, the dog police are breaking up an illegal poker game.  The caption reads: “PINCHED WITH FOUR ACES.”  20”x 16” with original metal hanging bands at the top and bottom.  There is one small push through the paper on the right side, through the white border and some minor edge wear.  Currently shrink-wrapped.  Perfection gave away a whole series of dog prints and calendars which we have sold over the years.

42 Pike's Solus Veterinary Medicines Wooden Display Cabinet

It is rare these days to be able to document a previously unreported Veterinary Company and their CABINET, but we can do that today.  Investigation has revealed that Henry L. Pike was located at 70 Commercial Street in Boston, c1906.  He advertised his veterinary medicines as Pike’s Solus Hoof Oil and Pike’s Solus Thrush Cure.  “SOLUS” in Latin means alone or unaccompanied.  So, my guess is Mr. Pike meant to suggest that his veterinary remedies were all that was needed to cure your horse or cow’s ailment.  It could be used alone, so to speak.  Today, we offer a wall mounted, wooden display cabinet stenciled in black, PIKE’S SOLUS VETERINARY MEDICINES.  The cabinet appears to be totally original with the original lock, but no key.  21”x 17”x 5 ½”.  I have never seen or recorded a Pike’s Solus medicine, perhaps his target customer, that read Latin, was too small to sustain the company?  Whatever the cause of his failure, we are left with an original, possibly unique, artifact of his company.  This should appeal to veterinary collectors who specialize in cabinets, as well and collectors of the unique and unusual.  As a guess, I would estimate this cabinet as North of $1000, but we will open it a $300 and see where it ends.  It will sell to the high bidder.

43 Pratt's Veterinary Remedies Tin Front Display Cabinet

All Original, wooden country store cabinet with tin lithographed front door panel from the Pratt’s Food Company of Philadelphia.  32 ½”x 17”x 7” including the original curved wooden pediment.  This cabinet is c1900, as several of the medicines listed on the front panel are “Cures.”  The cabinet retains its original finish, the lock and key, and back panel.  The front door has the original stenciling:  PRATT FOOD CO // PHILADELPHIA, PA.  The front panel lists 18 Pratt’s medicines.  It shows a little age but does not have any major damage or distractions.  There is scattered spottiness overall, as you can see, but all the medicines listed are easily legible.  The central horse illustration in bright and detailed.  I’d estimate it in the range of $1200-1800.  Open the bid at $500 and let’s get it going.

44 Dr AL Shaw Veterinary Surgeon Calendar

Cardboard calendar dated 1905 from this veterinarian working in Upton, New York.  He is also advertising his status as a “Graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College.”  14”x 11”.  The image in the center is of a lady in a long ruffled dress and hat standing by her horse.  The photo is captioned: “Her Favorite Mount.”  The January calendar page is missing, there is a small scuff on the left side of the background, and there is some very minor corner wear.  The consigner purchased this calendar in one of my first auctions, in 1995 and has enjoyed for the last 25 years.

45 Sloan's Letterhead framed

Framed letterhead dated 1903 from Dr. Earl S. Sloan of Boston.  15 ½”x 12 ½” framed size.  The letter is addressed to the Post Master of St. Clairsville, Pennsylvania wishing to obtain the addresses of every family in his town.  Excellent condition.

46 Ulmer's Heave Powder Lithographed Sign

Large and colorful lithographed hanging sign advertising Ulmer’s Heave Powder manufactured by A. O. Tillinghast of West Valley, New York.  The powder was used for “COUGHS, COLDS, EPIZOOTIC, DISTEMPER, AND HEAVES.”  The sign retains the original metal hanging strips at the top and bottom and appears to be mounted to a blue cardboard backing.  It is currently framed in a very ornate, wooden frame with some type of plaster like compound carved in a leaf and flower pattern.  This frame is probably c1900 but does have damage to this compound covering the wooden frame.  The detailed illustration on the sign is of a large carriage with “four in hand” passing an automobile on a narrow, curving mountain road.  The lead horses are rearing from the noise and motion of the brass era car with the driver totally exposed and wearing a driving cap and goggles.  The carriage has a driver, five fancily dressed passengers and footman in a bright red tunic, holding a long trumpet type horn.  Brass era cars are generally considered to have been produced from 1896 to 1914 so I think we can easily date this sign in the middle, say c1900.  There is a lot going on in this illustration that you will not see with a quick glance.  Condition seems to be very good overall with bright colors. The only damage being some short scattered edge tears.  I believe that with professional conservation and re-framing this wonderful early sign would show to its full potential.  Easily a $2000-3000 dollar sign but it has to go to a new home, so start it at just $300 to get it going.

47 Wellman Collar

Leather collar with detailed, flexible, metal chain attached to the leather backing all the way around.  Metal plate locking devise on the front has a small lock in place, but no key.  The back has a name plate engraved:  R. B. WELLMAN / THURLOW / PA.  I could not find a town in Pennsylvania named Thurlow, so this could be the dog’s name.

48 REN Collar

Two inch wide leather collar with metal spikes and a buckle.  Metal name plate on the back is amateurishly engraved “REN”.  Thought to be the dog’s name.  Bid as you see fit.

49 Conkey's Poultry Book

Booklet dated 1922 from the G. E. Conkey Company of Cleveland, Ohio.  7 ½”x 5 ¼”.  Eighty page booklet.  Edge wear to the cover on the left side.

50 First Aid for Dairy Cows

Booklet dated 1938 from the Dairy Association of Vermont maker of Kow-Kare.  8 ½”x 5 ½”.  Thirty page booklet in excellent condition.