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51 Dogs Booklet

Booklet dated 1934 from the Humphreys Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York.  5 ¼”x 3 ½”.  Seventy-eight page booklet in mint, unused condition.

52 Pratts Practical Handbook

No date, but c1900 from the Pratt’s Food Company of Philadelphia.  7 ½”x 5”.  Forty-six pages with some edge wear to a few interior pages.

53 Sloan Booklet

Sloan’s Treatise on the Horse:  Dated 1897 from Dr. Earl S. Sloan of Boston.  6 ½”x 4 ½”.  Sixty-four pages.  Booklet was exposed to dampness at some point and the pages are a little wrinkly.

54 Fleck's Pamphlets, lot of 3

Lot of three(3) 15 page booklets from the J. J. Fleck Company of Tiffin, Ohio.  All are 6”x 3 ¼”.  Very good condition overall.

55 Barber's Reliable Veterinary Remedies Blotter

Unused ink blotter from the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont.  Lists all of the Dr. Barber medicines.  6”x 3”.

56 Reynders & Company Letterhead

Dated 1899 from the New York City maker of “Surgical, Orthopedical, and Veterinary Instruments.”  Old fold lines, otherwise excellent.

57 AJP Horse Colic Remedy

Bottle with paper label, box, and partial dried contents from A. J. Phillips of Norwood, New York.  Original contents contained Chloroform.  6”x 2 ¼”x 1 ¼”.  Label is in excellent condition.  The box has a stain on the front, as you can see.

58 Andrews Lightning Blister Liniment

Early bottle with paper label from the E. C. Andrews Veterinary Company, Proprietors of Horse and Cattle Medicines from Thomaston, Maine.  5 ½”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”.  This is an early, c1890, veterinary only labeled liniment.  Used for Bog and Bone Spavin, Side Bone, Whirl Bone, Wind Galls and other obscure horse lameness.  Paper label wraps completely around bottle and does have some paper losses to the edge.  The bottle retains some of the original contents.  I would venture that this is a rare liniment from a very obscure veterinary company.  This would be good one to do a little research on for its history.

59 Baird's Liquid Gall Cure

Bottle with paper label on three sides from the Baird Company of Woodstock, North Dakota.  Paper label is lightly toned and complete.  4 ¾”x 2”x 1”.  This is the first example of this label only bottle to surface.

60 Barker's Chemical and Vegetable Horse, Cattle and Poultry Medicinal Powder

Unopened, green box with contents from the Barker, Moore, and Mein Company of Philadelphia.  Box is dated 1914 and contains 41 ounces of powder.  8”x 5”x 3”.  Condition is very good with just some handling wear.  The top of the back panel is slightly dented in.  Displays well and would look good as a shelf piece.

61 Bickmoreine Powder

Talc style tin with a shaker top with contents from The Bickmore Company of Old Town, Maine.  Used for wounds and sores on horses and cattle.  4 ½”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”.  Condition is MINT, can not be improved.

62 Brewster Improved Horse Cattle and Poultry Powder

Unopened cardboard box with contents from Finnerty, McClure & Company of Philadelphia.  6 ¼”x 3 ½”x 2”.  Condition is near mint, original.  Slogan reads, “GIVE IT A TRIAL. IT IS SURPASSED BY NONE.”

63 Brown's Horse Healer

Bottle with paper label from the Boulevard Electric Treatment Company of East Barnet, Vermont.  This is today a village of 1600 people on the Vermont, New Hampshire border.  We have this and the following medicine as well as a Glass Front display Cabinet in the advertising section with another Brown’s Horse Healer bottle.  This example has a toned label and stands 4 ¼”x 1 ¾”x 1”.  All medicines from this strangely named company were previously unknown and unreported.

64 Brown's Lucky Strike Stable Salve

Tin with paper label from the Boulevard Electric Treatment Company of East Barnet, Vermont.  3”x 1 ½”.  The same company as the previous bottle.  Let’s be honest, the tin is not a beauty, but if you have a Brown’s Horse Healer cabinet or are a rare tin collector, there is no telling what you might pay in the heat of an auction.

65 Busch's Horse and Cattle Liniment

Unopened bottle with paper label, contents, paper flyer and box from the Busch Remedy Company, Evansville, Indiana.  5”x 1 ¾”x 1”.  Bottle and label are in excellent original condition.  Box has had the top flaps torn off, but displays very well with nice horse illustration on the front.  Only the second example to ever pop up.

66 Cannon's Liniment Kills Screw Worms

Unopened bottle with paper label and contents from Jim Bourland of Houston, Texas.  8”x 3”x 1 ¼”.  “Heals Barb Wire Cuts and Benefits Many Animal Diseases.”  Label has minor edge wear and is generally toned.  First example ever recorded.

67 Capital Stock Food

Unopened box with contents, and complete paper label on all sides from the Capital Stock Food Company of Helena, Montana.  6 ½”x 3 ½”x 2”.  Excellent, original condition with no damage.  Label stated that this Stock Food is the result of “YEARS OF STUDY BY THE MOST NOTED VETERINARY SURGEONS OF THE WORLD.”  Great logo on the front panel.  Very bright color, making it a great shelf piece.

68 Carpenter's Tone Oil

Unopened bottle with paper label, contents, and box from W. D. Carpenter Company of Syracuse, New York.  They were also the makers of Nutrio-Tone and Poultri-Tone.  7 ¼”x 2 ½”x 1 ¼”.  Logo on the box promoted what the company called “CARNOLACTOGENS” for the health of livestock.  Bottle label has a light stain and some bottom edge wear.  Box is missing top flaps and most of the bottom flaps.  It still displays well and is quite scarce with only 3 previous offerings.

69 Dr. Clayton's Eye Lotion for Dogs

Bottle with paper label from the Dr. George Clayton Company of Chicago.  It was used to “irrigate” the eyes of a dog.  5”x 1 ¾”x 1”.  Bulldog logo on the label.  Label is in near mint condition.  Scarce example.

70 Dr. Clayton's Ketereline Tablets for Dogs

Cardboard box with original contents from Dr. George Clayton of Chicago.   2 ¾”x 2”x ¾”.  This was used to reduce fever and treat coughs.  The box lists some of the ingredients as Potassium Iodine and Creosote.  Box is in excellent condition with just a light water stain on the reverse.  Classic red Bulldog logo.

71 Dr. Clayton's Sedative Medicine for Dogs

Unopened bottle with screw top, paper label, contents, box, and paper inserts from Dr. George Clayton of Chicago.  This was an anti-convulsion medicine for dogs and puppies.  5”x 1 3/4”x 1”.  St. Bernard logo on the front of the box is early and pre-dates the Red Bulldog.  Bottle and label are excellent.  Box has a ¾” tear to left upper corner and a minor stain in the same location.  A nice complete package dog medicine.

72 Conkey's Canker Special

Bottle with colorful paper label, and box from the G. E. Conkey Company of Cleveland, Ohio.  4 ¼”x 1 ½”x 1”.  Used for Colds, Roup, Bronchitis, and swellings in poultry.  Bottle is near mint with a bright and crisp label.  The box displays well but is missing the top flaps.  This has been one of the more desirable Conkey medicines over the years.

73 Cow-Ease

Unopened, lithographed, quart tin from the Carpenter Morton Company of Boston.  7”x 3”x 3”.  Keeps flies off cattle and horses.  Image of farmer spraying down a cow on front and back panels.  Excellent condition.

74 Crisp's Pneumonic Distemper Remedy for Dogs

COBALT BLUE, unopened bottle with paper label and contents from the S. A. Crisp Canine Company of Blacksburg, South Carolina.  6 ½”x 2 ¼”x 1”.  Directions are to give 5 drops every 4 hours to puppies 8 weeks old.  Bottle still has original wax seal over cork.  Label has some edge loss and toning.  What is amazing about this is the COBALT BLUE of the bottle glass which is practically unknown in veterinary patent medicine collecting.  This is from a tiny town on the border with North Carolina.  I have personally driven through this town and attempted to find anyone or anything related to this company.  No luck at all.  No trace or any information could be found.  A rare canine medicine from a rare canine medicine company in a rare glass color.  Impossible to estimate value, but at least $100 or more??

75 Dairy Associations' Grange Poke Root Compound

Unopened canister with wrap around paper label from the Dairy Association Company of Lyndonville, Vermont.  4 ¼”x 4 ¼”.  Used as a Tonic in dairy cows.  Excellent condition with just minor handing wear.

76 Dr. Daniels' Perfection Hoof Dressing

Unopened lithographed tin with soldered spout, original cork closure and metal hanging ring on the top.  This was used to treat hoof diseases in horses.  In my estimation, here is the RAREST, Dr. Daniels’ remedy you will see. It is illustrated on the front panels of his tin front display cabinets.  A couple of ROUND, Hoof Food examples have surfaced, and I have documented them at auction over the last 25 years.  These are certainly rare, but this is a rectangular tin with the name PERFECTION HOOF DRESSING and as such, is the only example I have been able to document.  None have been listed in my “COMPENDIUM OF PRICED REALIZED.” 7”x 3”x 3”.  One side panel illustrates five horse hoofs with various ailments.  The front panel has a scuff in the “DR” of Dressing.  The side panel with the hoofs is excellent.  The other two panels, one side and the reverse have significant scuffs and wear.  Please see additional photographs on the website.  This is one Dr. Daniels’ Remedy you may never get another opportunity to buy.  The last, round example sold in 2017 for an amazing $700.  If you are trying to buy all of the Dr. Daniels’ medicines illustrated on the front of his display cases, you have to have this tin.  Open this one at $100.

77 Dr. Daniels' Wonder Worker Lotion

Bottle with contents and paper label from Dr. A. C. Daniels’ of Boston.  For Barb Wire Cuts, Galls, and wounds.  6 ½”x 2 ½”x 1 ¾”.  Label colors are very bright but does have some tiny pin hole scuffs along the left side.

78 Dr. Dent's Vermifuge Capsules for Dogs

Wooden canister with paper label from the Dent Medicine Company of Newburgh, New York.  3”x 1 ¼”.  The label has the two bird dogs logo on the front.  Minor paper loss on the reverse along the area where the canister was opened. Label is lightly toned and has some general mild handling wear.  All Dr. Dent’s Dog Medicines are scarce and in demand among collectors.

79 Federal Stock Food

Large and impressive box from the Federal Food Company of Mifflinburg, PA.  This box is unopened and retains the original contents.  10”x 5 ½”x 4”.  Great livestock scene on the front featuring a prancing black stallion.  Colors are very strong and bold.  The box is currently shrink wrapped.  There are some very minor paper losses along the edge of the back panel.  Overall condition is excellent.  Colorful veterinary boxes of this large size are very hard to find.

80 Glover's Imperial Condition Pills for Dogs

Hinged lid, metal tin without contents from the H. Clay Glover Company.  This was used to purify the blood, reduce fever, and assist digestion.  3 ¼”x 2”x ½”.  Lid has a couple of small scuffs and some minor denting.

81 Glover's Imperial Digestive Pills for Dogs

Snap lid tin with the company’s West 31st Street address.  Excellent condition overall with just a couple of pinhead size paint dings.  3 ¼”x 2”x ¾”.  Used to promote healing of inflamed stomach and intestines.

82 Glover's Imperial Diarrhea Medicine for Dogs

Amber, 12 sided bottle with paper label, and original outer package wrapper from Dr. H. Clay Glover of New York City.  3”x 1”.  Label states that this medicine contained 1 ½ grains of OPIUM.  Medicines labeled with a narcotic ingredient are always in demand.  There is also cross collecting with collectors of antique narcotic labeled medicines.  The label is excellent.  The outer package is very good and also has the OPIUM information.

83 Gombault's Caustic Balsam

Cork top bottle with paper label from the Schnabel Medicine Company of New York.  Used as a blister to treat lameness in horses.  7 ½”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”.  Label has some handling wear but is complete.

84 Gospel Oil

GREEN, unopened bottle with contents and paper label from G. Z. Dorchester of Rochester, New York.  Bottle is 10”x 2 ¼”.  Sold as a liniment for Man or Beast, it has detailed directions for use on horses.  “Gospel Oil will positively cure all lameness from Spavin, Ringbone and other bone tumors...”  Label is toned and has some minor top edge damage as you can see.  It is EXTREMELY uncommon to find a veterinary related bottle in green glass.

85 Guarantee Heave Cure

#85)  Guarantee Heave Cure:  Very desirable veterinary cure from the Guarantee Stock Food Company of Grand Forks, North Dakota.  6 ½”x 4”x 2”.  Beautiful color image of a pair of horses in a pasture on the front panel.  This box is missing the top flap and its contents., but has no other damage or distractions.  As a shelf piece, it displays wonderfully and would be an asset to any collection.  We sold a near mint example in 2019 for $600.  Your high bid will tell the difference in price for an example that just looks great, from a complete and unopened example.

86 Hamilton's Old English Formula Black Oil Compound for Man & Beast

Unopened, embossed bottle with paper label, contents, and box from Kimball Bros. & Co., Enosburg Falls, VT.  6 ½”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”.  Label has tiny corner nick.   Box has top flaps torn off, but main flap is present.  “A Healing Liniment for Man or Beast.”  Displays very well.

87 Hanford's Balsam of Myrrh Free Sample

Bottle with paper label and box.  Contained 80% Alcohol and while bottle is unopened, the contents have evaporated.  2 ½”x ½”.  Made in Syracuse, NY.  Used for all topical diseases of horses and cattle.  Excellent condition and a FREE SAMPLE.

88 Dr. Herrick's German Horse and Cattle Liniment

Aqua, embossed bottle with paper labels on the front and back from the Dr. Herrick’s Family Medicines of New York City.  Bottle also has a small paper label on the neck.  Embossed:  HERRICK’S GERMAN / HORSE LINIMENT // L. W. WARNER & CO. 6 ½”x 2”x 1 ¼”.  Labels are lightly toned but clean and complete.  “Never Fails to Cure!”

89 Dr. Hess Colic Remedy

Sealed, unopened package with original bottle from the Dr. Hess & Clark Company of Ashland, Ohio.  7”x 2 ¼”x 1 ½”.  Good, strong color on the paper wrap over cardboard, and remember this package has never been opened.  Very minor edge wear is the only distraction.  List of ingredients on the back including Chloroform and Cannabis Indica.  Used for all forms of Colic and impaction in horses.  I have sold two sealed examples.  The consigner purchased THIS sealed example from us in 2000 for $145.

90 Dr. Hess Distemper, Fever and Cough Remedy

Unopened bottle with paper labels, contents and box from the Dr. Hess & Clark Company of Ashland, Ohio.  6 ¼”x 2”x 1”.  Bottle embossed: DR. HESS & CLARK // ASHLAND, O. U.S.A.  Bottle and labels are near mint.  Box has great color and has an illustration of the company factory on the front panel.  The top flaps have been torn off.

91 Dr. Hess Improved Stock Tonic

Unopened, 5 pound box with complete wrap around paper label from Dr. Hess & Clark of Ashland, Ohio.  9”x 6 ½”x 3”.  “A Conditioner and Mineral Supplement.”  Very good to excellent condition overall but paper label is dirty.  Might improve with a paper cleaning application.  According to my “Compendium”, this is the first example of this size package I have recorded.

92 HIT Liniment for Horses

Unopened, embossed bottle with a paper label  extending to two sides, and original contents from the HIT Medicine Company of Elmira, New York.  Embossed:  HIT // ELMIRA, N.Y.  Photo image on the label is of Dr. Carey, the owner of the company applying the liniment to a horse.  6 ½”x 2”x 1 ¼”.  Label is toned and has edge wear.

93 Dr. Hobson's Spavin Remedy for Horses

Unopened, embossed bottle with paper label, contents, and box from the Pfeiffer Chemical Company of St. Louis.  Embossed:  PFIEFFER CHEMICAL CO / PHILADELPHIA / & ST. LOUIS.  Box has minor top damage as seen.  Label is bright and clean and in excellent condition.  This is very large bottle, 8 ½”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”, which is very impressive.  A real sleeper of a medicine with this size and condition.  You should give this one serious consideration.  This goes to the high bidder without reserve.

94 Hoffman's Poultry Powder

HUGE, unopened cardboard canister with wrap around paper label from the J. L. Hoffman Company of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  10 ¼”x 5 ½”.  Five pound size with contents.  “Poultry Tonic and Renovator.”  “Makes Hen’s Lay / Makes Young Chicks Grow.”  Excellent condition with only paper loss to the top edge on the reverse.  A large, and impressive display piece.  Only two previous examples recorded, one in 2007 and one in 2015.

95 Drs. Horning and McKee Dog and Cat Hospital prescription bottle

Unbelievable to have two COBALT BLUE bottles in one auction, but this is what happens when decades old collections are disbursed.  This bottle is embossed:  HORNING AND McKEE on the front panel, while the reverse reads:  DRS. HORNING / AND McKEE / DOG AND CAT / HOSPITAL / WAUGH DRIVE / AT WILLIA ST. / AND / CLEVELAND PARK / HOUSTON, TEXAS.  5 ¼”x 2”x 1 ¼”.  This bottle was previously unknown to me, however checking with a Texas bottle collector, he said that a few were known but it is very scarce.  The fantastic deep cobalt color is hard to show in a photograph, but you will not be disappointed.  The bottle does have some glue residue on the bottom. I have been able to remove a little with my finger nail, but will leave the cleaning to the new owner.  It looks like someone glued it down on to a shelf?  Maybe in an earthquake zone?

96 Humphreys' Homeopathic Veterinary Specific AA

Embossed bottle with paper label used for Fever, Congestion, and Convulsions.  This bottle has a very rare label variation with the 52% Alcohol designation and the word “Specifics” in the name.  3 ½”x 1 ¾”x 1”.  The last example we sold with this label variation was in 2000.  Paper loss to the bottom edge of the left side panel.

97 Humphreys' Homeopathic Veterinary CC for distemper

Embossed bottle with horse head, paper label, box, and booklet.  Label has the early 52% Alcohol designation but is missing the word ”Specific” in the name, so it is a slightly later variation than the previous A. A. medicine.  Also used for Gleet, Strangles, and Scab.  Top has original crimped metal cover over the cork.  3 ½”x 1 ¾”x 1”.  Label has some minor toning, but is undamaged.  Box is missing top, side flaps.  This is the FIRST example of this label variation that I have ever recorded.

98 Humphreys' Homeopathic Veterinary FF for colic

Embossed bottle with horse head, paper label, box, and booklet.  Label has the 52% Alcohol designation.  Also used for Belly Ache, Wind Blown, and Bloody discharges.  Label has one light brown drip stain and is otherwise undamaged.  Box is missing all of the top and bottom flaps.  3 ½”x 1 ¾”x 1”.

99 Humphreys' Homeopathic Veterinary Specific HH for kidney

Embossed bottle with horse head, paper label, booklet, box and slight contents.  3 ½”x 1 ¾”x 1”.  Label has the 52% Alcohol designation, “Specific” in the name and the term “CURES” added to the label.  This is the earliest label variation offered here so far.  This was for Kidney and Urinary diseases in horses.  Label is lightly toned, otherwise undamaged.  Nice, early package and the only example recorded with this label variation and a box.

100 Humphreys' Homeopathic Veterinary II for Eruptions

Embossed horsehead bottle with paper label, unopened with original pressed metal seal over cork, contents evaporated, and box from the Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York.  3 ¾”x 1 ¾”x 1”.  This example has the 52% Alcohol designation, but the words “CURES” and “Specific”, have been removed from the label. The label is in very good condition.  This medicine was used for such ailments as Grease, Thrush, and Erysipelas.  Box has top damage and is missing all the top flaps.